"I" Shaped Stairs

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Hello.  I am brand new to the Home Designer software world.  I recently purchased Home Designer Architectural 2015.  I have had the program for about a week and I find the software to be amazing.


One problem I am having is with the stairs I am trying to create.  The style of stairs I am creating is "I" shaped with two landings.  There are two points of entry on the top with two steps down on the left and right which lead the first landing.  Then I have a single staircase with 12 steps that lead to the next landing.  Finally you can go left or right off the landing and down four steps.  I can create the stairs just fine, but I can't modify one section at the top.  When I select the stairs, the software labels three out of the five sections 1 through 3.  I can use the material painter, but that's it.  I can't remove a particular rail or anything else.  Has anyone had experience with this?  Do have to buy HD PRO?  I would appreciate any advise.



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The break tool for stair landings is in the edit toolbar, usually located at the bottom of the window.


Here is an easy way to do this type of stair.


Draw a U shaped stair and adjust it so it's to your liking. Now select the top run, copy, reflect around the center of the middle run. That mirrors the steps to the other side of the landing.


Do the same for the bottom run and you have your stairs.


I removed railings in the images so the stairs would show better.

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Yes, you can.


Select the top 2 step stair-segment, right click, copy/paste this on the opposide side of the stairs.  Grab the rotate handle of the pasted segment (the little triangle),  and rotate so that the arrow 'up' direction of the steps is going the correct direction.  Then move this segment into position.


Do the same with the bottom four step stair-segment.

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