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  1. Kenneth_L

    Rugs on floor

    I have to open the library and hi-lite the rug then press ok (the dialog box then closes). Then move your cursor to where you want to place the rug and left click. Hope this helps.
  2. Kenneth_L

    Cannot move walls in 1" increments

    Have you tried opening the copy / move dialogue box and put in the exact dimension you what the selected object to move? You can choose to move the object in the x, y or z axis. I use this quite often.
  3. Kenneth_L

    Stairwell Crown Molding

    Never mind. Just researched how to submit a ticket. Sent this issue to tech support.
  4. Kenneth_L

    Stairwell Crown Molding

    Eric, Thank you. It is the half walls. The problem goes away when I move them. Do you know how to send something like this to tech support? Thanks again
  5. Kenneth_L

    Stairwell Crown Molding

    I need help if possible. I have created a stairwell but the crown molding at the top is not joining at the corners. I attached a picture. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Kenneth_L

    Hillside Home Design

    Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense. I'm still learning all the facets of this program. I have a long way to go, but it's been fun so far.
  7. Kenneth_L

    Hillside Home Design

    I am new to the Home designer world. I purchased Home Designer Architectural 2015 last month. I recently upgraded to the Professional version because I needed the extra features. I am trying to design a home that is tucked into hill. The lot I have is pretty steep. I have designed the structure just fine, but building the terrain around it is difficult. Basically I have a two story structure, but each level has a foundation. It looks like an upside down L. My question is should I build the structure then the terrain, or the terrain then the structure? I appreciate any advise.
  8. Kenneth_L

    "I" Shaped Stairs

    I tried to copy my stair segments, but I can't copy using the method mentioned. Does the Archetechual version of Home Designer have this function?
  9. Kenneth_L

    "I" Shaped Stairs

    Thank you! That makes perfect sense. I'm glad I joined this forum.
  10. Kenneth_L

    "I" Shaped Stairs

    David, Thanks for sending these links. I have seen most of them, but one might solve my problem. I will try to use the break wall tool to break the landings. I appreciate your time.
  11. Kenneth_L

    "I" Shaped Stairs

    Hello. I am brand new to the Home Designer software world. I recently purchased Home Designer Architectural 2015. I have had the program for about a week and I find the software to be amazing. One problem I am having is with the stairs I am trying to create. The style of stairs I am creating is "I" shaped with two landings. There are two points of entry on the top with two steps down on the left and right which lead the first landing. Then I have a single staircase with 12 steps that lead to the next landing. Finally you can go left or right off the landing and down four steps. I can create the stairs just fine, but I can't modify one section at the top. When I select the stairs, the software labels three out of the five sections 1 through 3. I can use the material painter, but that's it. I can't remove a particular rail or anything else. Has anyone had experience with this? Do have to buy HD PRO? I would appreciate any advise. Thanks