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So I've been through the Roof Knowledge Base items and just can't seem to get out of the tangled up mess I'm in.  Three separate issues, one of which should be so simple, yet just will not correct.  The other two are much more challenging, at least for me.


1.  I added the large shed dormer on the back of the house and all went well - except one wall, which is designated with Exterior Wall Type of Board & Batten-4 at the attic level yet, the board & batten will not show in the 3D view as the other two walls have (See Plain Dormer Wall pic).


2.  I tried to add a front porch, which I would like to be a 4/12 (maybe even 3/12) shed metal roof.  HD defaults it to a hip roof when the Porch is added.  Changing the end wall to a High Shed/Gable Wall creates the shed roof but at the 9/12 default pitch.  Changing the roof pitch to 4/12 creates all sorts of insanity I can't seem to get past (See Front Porch - Start, Hip & Shed pics).


3.  Last but certainly not least, has been a real challenge. I'd like the main roof to be a simple high gable.  Next, I'd like the Garage and Shop roofs to be a gable (90 degrees to main roof) but HD defaults to left end to a hip roof.  As much as I have manually tried to correct this, I have had no luck.  I do realize there may be a little funkiness when the two roofs (high main gable and Garage & Shop gable) intersect but don't think it will be a deal killer.  Other option would be to drop the pitch of the Garage & Shop gable to 8/12 to lower the point where those roofs hit the high gable wall (see Shed - Not Hip pic).


Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

Plain Dormer Wall.jpg

Front Porch - Hip.jpg

Front Porch - Shed.jpg

Front Porch - Start.jpg

Shed - Not Hip.jpg

7 Cedars - Two Story.plan

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On the 1st issue, I have had the issue in 2019 where the materials get a little haywire on roofs. Might just need to open that wall and check the materials for the exterior. Then change it to your B&B exterior as the rest of the house.

With the other issues, if you are using auto roofs, it may be where you are getting the results you don't want.. One option is to break the exterior end wall in line with the wall that is running the correct direction. Open that wall and change the roof to a gable.

If that fails, eliminate the "roof over this room" setting on the rooms that are perpendicular. Rebuild the roofs as desired. Then turn off the auto build, manually build the porch and intersecting roofs. Then drag the ridges to where they meet the roof it needs to intersect. For the porch, just draw it manually at the pitch you want and with the material desired.

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This is confusing. This plan is not the 7 Cedars plan you previously were working on?

#1.  I do not see 'board & batten' siding on the upper walls.  I see 'shingle' siding.  That said, if the exterior material listed for that wall is 'drywall', then that is what you  are going to see. Ditto for the other upper walls.

#2. You have NOT drawn a porch on the plan submitted, so detailed advise can not be given. 

      However, the front porch wall needs to be an upper/lower roof pitch setting (if you use 'auto-roof').

#3.  If  pic #3 shown is want you are trying to explain, then it only requires some simple manual manipulation of the roof planes in that area.


image.thumb.png.488919062d9f564c3c70c6d1e914002e.png     image.thumb.png.953a333f6a0b088bcdebc7eb1c38bd1f.png    image.thumb.png.4ed34a117aefbee480249a59677fba6b.png

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Eric - Thanks so much for the one on one tutoring!  In a few short minutes you showed me how to embrace manual roofs.  Al extremely helpful!


Jo_Ann - You are correct. Same name - different plan, sorry for the confusion.

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