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  1. Hi David - multiple plan files. Like you, I have concluded that the uninstall / reinstall process is likely my only hope. It certainly would seem that something in the program itself has become corrupted. Thanks
  2. Very strange - suddenly, my Home Designer Pro 2019 (PC version) has begun taking forever to open, slow to actually perform and hangs us while trying to create a camera view. I have defragged & optimized my hard drive, tried running the program with nothing else open at all, yet - still the same results. HELP!!!!
  3. SeabeeMike

    Text in 3d?

    Worked great - a bit of work but managed to get it. Thanks!
  4. SeabeeMike

    Text in 3d?

    Eric - the light colored panel in the attached image is a 3D Box. I would like to be able to put text on the box surface. The actual built component will have lettering applied , similar to a building dedication plaque. Ideally, I would be able to create some sort of text box, select the font, color and size, then type all of the wording, which would then remain on the 3D box surface and be visible in any 3D view. Thanks
  5. SeabeeMike

    Text in 3d?

    Clearly, I should have asked how to put text on a 3D shape. Words do matter. Any guidance or pointing me in where to look for a walk thru would be greatly appreciated.
  6. SeabeeMike

    Text in 3d?

    I'm going to presume is not doable, but it never hurts to ask. Is it possible to put text on a 3D shape? Say for instance, a building name on limestone panel? Hopeful ...........
  7. Thanks. So countertop rather than a terrain feature? I was wondering if the terrain feature was the problem.
  8. This one is proving to be quite a challenge. The attached image shows a compass rose pattern that I need to have in a patio. Ignore the red, green and blue parts as they're merely place holders for what will be some vertical elements. I started out making the two outer rings as CAD circles then converting them to a Terrain Feature with two different color concrete materials selected. Unfortunately, trying to bring the smaller circle forward to display on "top" of the larger circle is just not working. I have no idea why. When I go to the camera view, all I see is the largest circle. I know the other circle is there since I tried deleting the large one and, sure enough, the smaller one was there. I've pretty resolved myself to the fact that the only way (I see) to create this intricate pattern is by drawing everything using CAD lines, then create a polyline for each segment and then set its material type for the color. Labor intensive? Yes, but it should result in the pattern I need - so long as everything is sitting correctly in the stack, to display the entire pattern. I also just had the crazy idea to change the smaller circle height to 1/8", since the larger circle height is 0". So much for that idea! It still didn't work! Thanks for any and all help!!
  9. SeabeeMike

    No downspouts?

    I thought I would show downspout locations on the elevations; however, I was surprised that I could not find them anywhere. Gutters are part of the roof options but no downspout option nor not in the library. Presumably, everyone is leaving them off their drawings?
  10. Thanks to Jo_Ann for reaching out via private message and thanks to David Potter for his vast YouTube references. Easy solution which was just eluding me. All I needed to do was set the finish floor to 60" so it would be relative to the other contour elevations.
  11. I've read through the knowledge base on both Understanding How the Height of the Floor Relates to the Height of the Terrain & Setting the Height of Terrain yet, things just don't seem to be clear. The attached JPG shows the actual site contours & plan is to set finish floor at 638. My first thought was since Floor (C) on the structure tab is set at "0" - which would be 638 in real world contours. I set what would be the 640 elevation line at +24" (24" above my intended finish floor at 638). Then I set 636 actual at -24" and 632 actual at -72". The result had the house too far below grade. Then I thought well, let's set the lowest contour at 0 (632), set 636 to 48", set 640 at 72". Same result. I tried turning the automatic on and off in the Terrain Specification - same result. I realize the contours will need to be adjusted to adjust around the actual foot print but the initial starting point still should be relative to the world. What am I missing.
  12. Selected all then used the rotate triangle & manually rotated everything.
  13. I was well underway on a plan before I realized I was drawing with the front door at the top of the plan instead of the customary bottom of the plan. I rotated the entire plan 180 degrees and now find that my X and Y axis are reversed. If I move an object +12" it moves left, rather than right. Same for Y axis, down instead of up for positive value. Seems like there should be some way to tell HD that the plan was rotated and act accordingly! Thanks, Mike