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I don't have Essentials, so this image is from Chief Architect. If you do not see similar options, then Essentials may not have this ability.


Have you searched your built in Help system?



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You seem to be asking 2 questions:
#1. SHOW the reference grid on the desktop.
                 Look on the top toolbar under 'VIEW'.   "Show Reference Grid' will most likely be there. Turn it on.

 #2. PRINT the desktop image showing the reference grid.
                  If you have windows 'snippet' tool, use THAT to frame the part of the view that you want to see.  It crops and saves the image in one step.

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To Solver - Thank you so much. Yes, I have searched Help and other resources as best I could. I had looked at default settings as you show in the image. I think the key is found in the difference between your image and what I see - I do not have the check box for "Show snap grid".


To Jo_Ann - Thank you very much. Again when I look under View I do not have "Show Reference Grid".


Conclusion: Home Essentials must not have that feature.


I really do appreciate all of the help. This is not a big deal as I purchased the software for personal use to plan for our move into a retirement/health facility.




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