Unable to Create Porch Gable


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I'm a new user, just traced my first plan from a PDF, working on basic floorplan and am stuck on getting a gable to appear. Screen captures attached, showing the large center gable over the interior wall of the porch that I can't create. I've looked at tutorials, still the manuals, plan & roof defaults, but it never appears. The interior wall dialogue has Full Gable turned on for the wall with the front porch. I think I'm building the roof after every attempt to correct, but still no success. 


Any ideas on what it is that I'm overlooking? 

gable elevation.png

gable wall.png

Plan 8.8.17.plan

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4 minutes ago, solver said:

The auto roof builder is not perfect and often has trouble where there are multiple gables.


Suggest it's time to learn manual roofs.


Maybe DJP will see this and make you a video.

I'm watching the video for the Gable Roof Line Tool now. Tool seems to work on an ext. wall, but not on my interior porch wall, where I need it!   

I'll read up on all things related to Manual Roofs.

The video might be nice to have, since this may be a unique plan, where gable roof planes coincide and intersect each other.

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18 hours ago, solver said:

Here is something to work on.


Every one of these triangles is a wall that's off the angular grid. They are drawn crooked -- not at 0 or 90 degrees, and the angles don't match your angle snap settings.



Glad you noticed and mentioned these off-angle walls, since they've been driving me crazy, correcting each one. Somewhere, there must be a setting to allow me to draw (snap?) straight walls, gable lines, etc., but I've not yet found it.   Is this a single setting that I need to look for?  Still reading up and watching roof tutorials.


And I mis-spoke earlier . . .  the large gable is NOT on the interior wall, but is over the porch beam, as per the attached roof detail.


gable porch detail.png

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The video is difficult to hear and I see only a blue and white screen, both in YouTube and on this page.

I can even screw up a video!  :-(

Screen looks like this, so maybe I have a resolution problem? My iMac seems to handle all other videos with no prob.


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3 hours ago, Jo_Ann said:

Why are you using 3 1/2" fir framed walls?   I think that you have sabotaged yourself from the get-go, and you should start over.

Make sure that the snap settings are turned on.


Jo Ann, I'm at that point, very discouraged with my progress.  I will start over, tracing the PDF, using defaults, if I can find every possible place to set HD Pro to Defaults!

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