Door swing in plan view-obscured by stoop slab???


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2 minutes ago, chiefuserWRH said:

I need to outswing for our code...I have not posted a plan file...can I do a screenshot and attach to forum post?


A picture of the plan is mostly useless. Zip the file if it's large, then drag or choose files below.


My suggestion to inswing was simply to see if the missing items showed up.

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You have given the slabs a solid fill. 


You could change the transparency setting to allow the door info to show.


With Chief Premier, I can send the slab to the background drawing group, so all else will be drawn on top, not sure if Pro 2018 has this ability -- it's a new feature in Chief.

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I noticed a few other things you might want to address before getting too far.


Wall alignments from floor to floor. The brick walls probably should have a brick ledge defined. Does the brick protrude past the siding above or is it flush?


I imagine the smaller gables are built on top of the larger (shown on left), instead of going through.



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  1. Wall alignments from floor to floor?  Please clarify what you mean?

Snap3.thumb.jpg.9c37647a0272b0a7fc80571218eb9431.jpg Left side wall. Gable wall is defined as brick. Will the brick have a cap, or should the siding come out to the outside of the brick?


  1. Does the brick protrude past the siding above or is it flush?  I showed the foundation walls with a 5" wide brickledge all around, I would like to actually step it down but I haven't figured out yet how to do that or how far to drop.

Does Pro have this?





Please start new threads for additional questions.

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Thanks for the info., I was trying to show the slabs with some color to highlight but I can do without...

I thought of another question...I've shown window wells w/conc. walls for some egress windows from the lower basement area, but the terrain flows into them and obscures them.  Is there away to accomplish what I want?





1)   Actually the "brick" is Ledgestone and I plan to put a stone cap on it.


2)   Pro does NOT have the added settings that X9 has...hopefully I will get a full-time job and can upgrade to X9 or X10 but that may be awhile.


Thanks for you input.

Have a great week ahead!










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On the EDIT toolbar:

Terrain / terrain feature / terrain hole,  for the window wells.


If you want the slabs to show color in the 2d plan,  keep the fill style set to 'solid' and change the 'transparency' setting to about 60%.

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