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  1. Use dri core it comes in 2' x 2' squares , they are tongue & grooved about $6.00 a square . You will save alot of labor & cost
  2. I have all my terrain done with cutouts for small planters the ends of the planters are radiuses , i would like the planters to be at least 16" high I dont know where or how to start
  3. I will try that , might be time to stop for a bit Tommorow is another day THANKS
  4. i HAVE TO DIGEST THIS LOL Even when i place the objects in plan view i dont see them i even tried a cabinet partition I see it but it wont let me use the break line tool on it to make the angle at the top
  5. tried those also :(i have to be missing something EASY IS THERE A SETTING OR AN ON OFF BUTTON FOR BREAK LINE ?
  6. sorry not a stringer or skirt board , plus i dont even know what a skirt board is lol . I want the boards to run verticaly , under the stair to close the area under the stair as you are looking at the stair stringer in a crosssection view
  7. i can not get countertop or slabs to let me make a 5/4 board for under a stair i want to have the board follow the angle of the stair . I tried placing it plan view & it doesnt even show up in a cross section view !! If i use a cad sq with arrow it will not let me break lines either !!! Please any suggestions
  8. follow solver & blues suggestions . Solvers will get you to first base while blues might be more advanced for now . Use the zoom tools !!
  9. Have you tried doing in cross section camera or a backclipped crosssection camera ??
  10. crosscutter55

    13x 19 paper

    Does anyone know a supplier for this size paper ?? I use to buy 250 sheets for $ 40.00 ,I see the prices are crazy ! Any web sites would be appreciated
  11. crosscutter55


    Is there a way to remove the pinkish color on blocked items ?? I made a deck layout with custom stair treads ( which are the blocked items ) I do not want the stair treads to show the pinkish color in a plan view
  12. I have found that the obvious gets overlooked sometimes !! Setting all the defaults , before you start drawing is important set what you are sure of !! Use elevation cameras to double check ! ! perspective views show that there is a problem , elevations , cross sections show where & what to fix .
  13. Hi Dave What i did is sent the 3 details to the layout page different 3 times . Then I shrunk those views , to the layout i wanted to show
  14. I have drawn 3 different details for a deck on one page - footing layout / framing / & decking . How can i send these 1 at a time to a layout page ? This is mainly for apperance on the layout page !! I can not move them around individually on the layout page
  15. The only way i got around it , was to make a dimension line & use text to put the number in
  16. Looked in default settings only see that it can be placed above , below or centerd on dimension line Any other thought ?? I find it hard to bliieve this cant be done
  17. Is there a way , to make the dimension # be horizontal while the dimension line is vertical ? And if so how would I do it ? Is it in a settings ??
  18. could you guys be from new jersey ??
  19. After it is made using cad lines what is the best polyline to use / countertop / slab ?? I also want to see this the same way as if it was in a cross section is there a way to rotate this view ?
  20. I would like to show a detail of stringer cut outs . i cant get the program to show the proper angle which is 32.47 degrees . Then the degree that shows up also says degree & feet also would love to make a thin 1/16 polyline so i can fix the woodgrain . Any help is always appreciated
  21. TRY typing in camera views in the help search area
  22. Hi Hoobidy Consider home pro !! The dollars spent on home pro , can be applied towards other versions of CHIEF down the road . The learning curve of HOME PRO will be a great baby step to using chiefs more advanced products . Chief full version is about $2, 600 while the one under it is about $2,000 & home pro being $500 call chief sales about the purchase costs being applied !!!!! The $2,000 dollar program will not let you do framing of walls where you see the studs , which i feel is a big draw back However those programs let you add layers & more pages which definetly saves time & steps . GOOD LUCK
  23. I know home pro 2018 wont let me have anderson windows I was wondering if there is anyway, someone can share a few of there 400 series double hung windows ??? OR does anyone know another way of getting them from the net ?? I only need 3 diffrent sizes !! I know i can enter all the acutal dimensions !!! Just looking to save a few steps
  24. THANKS DAVE !! senior moments & being lazy seem to be coming more often lol However i did find it earlier , sometimes if i take a nap it clears my ram lmao
  25. On a cape where would you start your roof plane FIRST FLOOR or ATTIC ?