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  1. Got it, thanks for your help Eric! I've read dozens of your posts and they are really helpful!
  2. How do you get both the garage (1st fl) and the main level (2nd fl) to show on the same floor plan in a Layout view?
  3. Thanks Eric, When I add a new First Floor of 1-1/2" this sets my original floor to the Second Floor. The problem is I didn't insulate the floor of the attached garage or the porches. On the Layout for my floor plan, it wouldn't show the garage and porches on the same Layout as the "actual" first floor because the actual first floor is now the second floor. If HD Pro isn't able to do detail this insulated floor I'm working on that's fine. I've been extremely impressed with the program and understand some of the non-standard details are probably better managed in the full version of Chief Architect.
  4. MarkLarson

    Insulated Slab

    I have a slab on grade and want to detail an insulated slab. Attached is a detail of what I'm trying to do. There will be 2x4 sleepers with T&G subfloor on top. Walls will be framed on top of this platform. I tried specifying 2 base plates but I can't set different dimensions for each. I tried creating a new Floor 1 but that messed up Layout drawings. I tried setting the Floor Platform to be thicker but that just makes the slab thicker. Thanks for the help!