Auto Build Roof -OP Sys-HD Version-Defaults?


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I created a plan under Windows 10 HD Arch. Computer became unstable with Windows 10 reverted to 8.1. Because I need elevation plans Upgraded from Arch to Pro 2017. Imported plan. Trying to "Build Roof". Followed the tutorial and building roof in tutorial works fine. Reset the settings to default. Selected the room as an object and tried both Roof over and roof not over this room. Tried selecting wall objects and permuting roof options. Read most of the stuff in Q&A nothing related.

Is there a default I am missing? General-wall-room-roof?

Is the application of the tutorial too basic for the power in HD PRO becasue of all of the auto build options (Build roof plane, autobuild, auto buld walls floors and ceilings)?

The structure is two floors with a full basement. Above the second floor is a void. The roof is to be built over the second floor. It will create a void that in some parlance one would call that void an "attic". Should 2nd floor object have "Roof over this room" be selected, or do I build an attic and have roof over this room selected or do neither and just build roof?


So I do not know if this is Operating system realted, HD version related (Arch-PRO) or options (roof,room,wall) related.


Any insight would be helpful. Starting all over is maybe the fastest options, but then I'd never know the error condition I have placed myself.


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Eric my problem is I can not build or auto build a roof - thanx for the clarity, and response!

The possible reasons why I may not be able to build a roof is postulated.

Is an attic a room? That is if the second floor is going to have a roof over it , it is possible that a space or void may exist between the roof and the ceiling of the second floor. Is that space a room? One can go the levels 1,2 and A - That implies A is a level and a room, and therefor the second floor would NOT have a roof over it.


I have posted the plan.

I guess that helps rule out known issues that it is not operating system or HD version?


Marshfield20161204 concept3 rehabrev01-13.plan

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You are overthinking this. :)


If there is a roof anywhere over a room, it may be marked as Roof Over This Room. A first floor room that is covered by a roof 3 floors up may be so marked, but does not need to be.


You cannot create a room on the A level. If you want a defined Attic space, you need to add a floor and give the resulting room a Room Type of Attic.


I'll take a look at your plan and add more info if needed.

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Edit>Reset to Defaults


Select Roof Directives in Walls.


Build the roof.


Also, your walls don't align floor to floor.


This is such a simple structure, I'd just redraw, going step by step, making each thing correct as you go.


Start by setting your defaults -- walls, floors, windows etc.

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Your first mistake is found in the build roof icon, where you checked "ignore top (2nd) floor.

2nd mistake:  level 2 east and west walls designated as "attic" walls.  This is the 2nd floor, not the attic.

3rd mistake:  BOTH east and west walls are designated as "high shed/gable" walls. Uncheck one of them.

Fix these settings and a roof will build.

You also have numerous other things to fix, as Solver mentioned.


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Thank you all

I sincerely appreciate the suggestions, comments and critique.


A little explanations may be in order: the file upload is in a state of permuting the options to get the roof back!


I had modeled the 1802 salt box cape cod  with dormers, half crawlspace basement on rock foundation et al. In 1930 the addition was built over a full basement garage and had only one floor - the kitchen. Above the kitchen is an attic with a Shed Roof.  I had completed this - salt box with an "L".

I am remodeling the 1930 addition (the "L"). Due to regulations I need new foundations, hurricane proof tie downs, etc. The kitchen ceiling is 6'-6". This means when one goes from the second floor of the original house one steps down to go into the attic over the kitchen. The L does not line up with the saltbox well!


It is that interface from the 1802 part to the re-modelled 1930 part that I am working on in the plan I uploaded . I had it pretty well completed in HD Arch/Windows 10, but I could not get the correct elevation drawings need for permits and some other features. It would be much easier in PRO. When I shifted, to PRO coincident with computer being unstable with W10 I also lost the roof!  So what you most kindly reviewed was a 3 try and revision X.


Eric was kind enough to suggest I upload something; I sent exactly what I was working on, admittedly in bad shape.

But! I got some very valuable feedback and am most grateful.Thank you!


Attached is what I am modeling - Thank you all

Right Side and Fnt L.jpg

Front 5.jpg

Back -3.JPG


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Just a suggestion.


With Pro, you have manual roofs. If you are using auto roofs, turn off the roof over the garage addition, getting the roof correct elsewhere.


You might even model the original house (without the garage part) using auto roofs, then once it's complete, turn off auto build roofs, add the garage structure, then draw in the shed roof manually.

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Eric, thanx!

I that is my approach. But in two plans.  I have completed the modeling of the original house without the garage part using the auto roofs, and built the as is dormers. I was modeling the garage part and was going to copy that as a collective object and paste it (attach it !) to the original.

Thanx again!


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Suggest doing everything in a single plan. That's the way the program is designed to work best. Even model the house, save that plan, then add in the addition.


You are not copying an object, but rather the instructions the program needs to generate that object. 


You will have alignment issues in multiple planes trying to merge the two plans.

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