Roof lines - alcoves and reverse alcoves


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HI All


Currently using home designer pro 2016.


Attached a draft plan I am working on.


Having  a little trouble with creating the roof over the front porch (hipped); and the roof over the jut out in the wall on the right hand side along the bathroom area.  That jut out should just be under the eave with now change in roof line.


Any thoughts wold be appreciated.  There will be a any easy answer no doubt but after quite some time I don't have it.


Many thanks.



23 Merideth Principal dwelling.plan

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Is this the look you want?

Do what solver said, PLUS---reset the bath ceilings to match the rest of the house.  THEN, set both bump-out ceilings slightly  lower.

Also, notice that the gutter is covering the exterior wall, but the fascia is NOT.   Look at the dashed green lines of the roof overhang on the 2D plan.   The overhang needs to be bigger, to cover the bump-out wall.


The invisible right porch railing wall is not straight.


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Hi Jo Ann


I am in Australia so terminology (reverse alcove / bump out) and designs may be a little different  to USA.


Many thanks the bump out looks good in 3d in the is a Council requirement for walls over 9 m long.  When you say make it a room what do you mean...any room just to define it


In regard to the front porch it just reads it as an alcove and doesnt put a hipped roof over.  Ideally I want a hip and then drag the porch out as far as I want to create an entry feature.


DavidJPotter:  My PLan file was attached and my question was clear I thought...see comment from Solver and Jo Ann.  Does the info above and Jo Ann comments make for query clearer ?  As I mentioned being in a different country with with terminology and design concepts doesnt help.  Thanks for your input in any regard.  I will soon need to ask a question about secondary dwellings or Granny this terminology known in US ?


Thanks again, still amazed out how responsive this forum is.


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This is what I see.




You need to make your porch a Porch and not Undefined.


Still not clear what you want from the porch that is not there now.


As for the bumpout, use a room divider. If you want the inside 3D to look correct, you will need to draw in your own ceilings for those 2 small spaces.


Also, spend a bit of time with the documentation, and some of the links below. There is much info that will help.


Resources for self help:
The built in Help System (always a good place to start)
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As David said, you need to explain things better.  I was guessing at what you wanted.


As solver have to separate that jutted out area from the powder rm & bathroom with an invisible wall.  It's the only way to set the ceiling in those 2 areas lower (2280mm will work).   Reset the main powder rm & bath to 2420mm.

Also, your right side front wall & the right side back wall of the house are not aligned with each other.


When I open your plan, there is no roof showing over the porch.  Once again....the right side railing is NOT straight.


Reset the roof overhangs to about 550mm.

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