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  1. Hi Jo Ann I am in Australia so terminology (reverse alcove / bump out) and designs may be a little different to USA. Many thanks the bump out looks good in 3d in the ...it is a Council requirement for walls over 9 m long. When you say make it a room what do you mean...any room just to define it In regard to the front porch it just reads it as an alcove and doesnt put a hipped roof over. Ideally I want a hip and then drag the porch out as far as I want to create an entry feature. DavidJPotter: My PLan file was attached and my question was clear I thought...see comment from Solver and Jo Ann. Does the info above and Jo Ann comments make for query clearer ? As I mentioned being in a different country with with terminology and design concepts doesnt help. Thanks for your input in any regard. I will soon need to ask a question about secondary dwellings or Granny flats...is this terminology known in US ? Thanks again, still amazed out how responsive this forum is. Sean
  2. HI All Currently using home designer pro 2016. Attached a draft plan I am working on. Having a little trouble with creating the roof over the front porch (hipped); and the roof over the jut out in the wall on the right hand side along the bathroom area. That jut out should just be under the eave with now change in roof line. Any thoughts wold be appreciated. There will be a any easy answer no doubt but after quite some time I don't have it. Many thanks. Sean 23 Merideth Principal dwelling.plan
  3. Eric Here is my plan file. The elevation in the layout is in the previous post which shows the floor up in the air so to speak with no structure between floor and ground. Hope you can see what I mean and offer and easy fix or solution to make the elevations look better. Sean 22 Merideth Principal dwelling (7).plan
  4. HI Eric Attached is the elevations. Hopefully you can see what I mean where the house sort of sits up in the air with the ground line drawn in via a CAD line below. I could manipulate these elevations a little with more CAD lines but ideally I would like to 'do it right' Thanking you Sean Combined Dwelling elevations.layout
  5. The building structure between the floor and the ground
  6. Hello I little direction if I may. I have my Plan and I can send elevations to layout It assumes the building pad is flat so I can insert a cad angled line to mimic the fall of the land and insert some elevation data for levels Ideally I would like to just send the elevation to layout with all the fall lines complete so it shows the cladding etc between floor level and ground I can set up terrain perimeters and elevation data to show the fall but it is the building structure between floor and ground where I am lost Maybe create a basement and then eye drop the cladding to the subfloor ? Maybe create foundation ? Thoughts much lay appreciated Had pro very powerful so far Sean
  7. Hi katalyst In regard to the architectural blocks, I was grouping some kitchen cabinets. I was able to move and rotate but there was no block button, ....the coloured cube. You are probably right re the clothes line....last time I may have simply drawn a square cad box to represent the clothes line rather than a simple library insert. Thanks for your assistance Sean
  8. Hi again A lot of time spent trying to work out little things. Architectural blocks tool bar has gone ?... In the library where is the clothes line....it is in there but under what name ? Sean
  9. Thanks gents, will incorporate all 3 pieces of input. Thanks again Sean
  10. Djp if you are active today I watched one of you YouTube tutorials on carports, it was the double stand alone carport. I am doing a standard house design with hipped roof. Off the side of t he house will be an attached single carport with near flat roof. If I create it as a porch it creates a hipped roof to match the house. If I change the roof pitch to 0 it makes the entire house with a flat roof. I thought maybe creating a slab for the floor and roof and some millwork as posts. The knowledge base also mentioned invisible walls but this doesn't fix the flat roof scenario Ideas ? Thanking you Sean
  11. heyseano

    Area of building

    Great thanking you David. Solved. Hd pro is addictive!!! Sean
  12. heyseano

    Area of building

    Morning folks I am working my way through tutorials the user guide Etc going well with a set of construction plans for a new house and separate flat not too far away. Some where in here is the way to quickly calc the area of the building ??? I need these figure for the building set and also ensure the design is within the allowable limits. Thanking you if you have a simple fix Sean
  13. Just as additional information, say a brick veneer exterior wall with interior timber stud, the dimension toon snaps to the inside of the timber frame and doesn't dimension the brick or overall thickness of the brick and timber portion of the wall, any ideas ?????
  14. Hi Just going through the training vids again and resources etc. When I draw a test plan, say a square room, the dimensions are auto generated but click in the inner layers of the wall. Tried default settings but nothing is working. Any easy fix ?? Sean