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Hello and Good Morning Everyone!


My name is Derek, I work for a Technology Consultant firm in good'ol florida. One of my personal friends, and client uses Home Designer Pro 2017 and is having some issues with the software. Having been on site several times to view the problem, I have to say its throwing me for a loop.


In the editor, in the 2D view, where you view the house plans from the top view, moving around seems very sluggish, almost as if the frames per second are low. When they go to move something like a wall for example, it will take anywhere from 3-4 seconds to move, in those 3-4 seconds, the software almost looks like it has locked up and has frozen.


To try and remedy this, I have done a full, fresh OS install, latest and greatest drivers and even some hardware upgrades. I am pulling my hair out. Just for your record I put the system specs below.

AMD 8320 8-core processor
ASUS R7 360 2GB Graphics card

250GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD

Windows 7 64bit SP1 with all updates


Some additional tid-bits. I have already contacted support, and while they were absolutely nice to talk to. I basically got the "Read this knowledge base" answer. Yes... I have read that knowledge base. I have adjusted shadows and edge smoothing etc etc... to no avail. With his system specs he should be able to design a mansion, and not have any issues.


Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you!

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Your client has an unreasonable speed expectation, because 3 to 4 seconds isn't really "slow" . . . if they were talking 20-30 seconds for something to move, then maybe there would be cause for concern.

Still, was it this article that Tech Support asked you to go through?

KB-00689: Troubleshooting Slowness in Home Designer Plans

Did you send them all of the files that the "Advanced Troubleshooting" section asked for?

Unfortunately most of us here in the forum aren't going to be equipped to offer any suggestions based on the System Information or Message Log files like Tech Support can.

However, you could post a backup of the plan here and we might be able to offer some suggestions on simplifying the design to speed it up.

More than likely though taking a few seconds really isn't something to be worried about or any indication that something needs fixed.

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Yea,  2 to 3 seconds is not slow,  the larger the plan, the slower it gets, further when you start adding fixtures, furniture, plants, trees, landscaping and materials it slows down and that's just 2d mode, it gets slower when you go into 3d mode.

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