Trouble setting garage floor elevation


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Took my plan alt_f3c (attached) to an informal plan check w/ the city and they nixed my idea of a 4' tall rock column /wrought iron fence extended out to the front property line from the privacy fence line for security purposes.  No fence lines forward of front of the residence in my zoning area. But I can put up a 42" high spiked wrought iron railing around the front porch w/ a gate in it to the front door. So I decided to raise the slab elevation to 32" above grade to require going up steps to get to this new gate. Problem I'm having is getting the garage floor / stem walls / slab at the correct elevation. See screen shots 32_001 and 32_002 attached to understand whats happening. (taken from plan alt_f3d attached). Around here we build using slabs on fill & slabs on grade. The idea is that the garage floor will be 31" below the residence slab w/ a 10' finished ceiling without changing the roof lines as shown plan alt_f3d.  Tried about every dimension configuration in the "structure" tabs and just can't get it to work.


Sure need some help !!!


Thank you


(see signature for version & operating system/hardware)





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