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  1. My old computer finally died a horrible death after 11 years of 24/7... Built a new one which I hope will last what time I have left.... Unfortunately Win7 died w/ it and I had to go w/ Win10 Home x64 on the new one....(I hate all them keyloggers on it) Anyway, I had to reload my HDPro 2018 along w/ all the bonus and Mfg Catalogs...everything went fine except only about a 1/3 of the items in the Core and Bonus catalogs loaded. What could have happened and how do I fix it.... (lost all the "User" items also) I've still got the SSD "C" drive from the failed computer but I don't know what files to look for or where to put 'em in the new install. All of my saved "plan" files were saved and I'm got one open now but trying to change things w/ such limited core & bonus catalogs. Yes, that pesky "missing" materials flag pops up every time I open a *.plan file :-(
  2. solver - THANK YOU !!! It works !! And you taught me a bunch of other features in the program I didn't know existed...... You'll be welcome at my lake house anytime....if you can put up w/ a bunch of grand-kids :-(
  3. Gable would be fine...even had a flat roof partially on one time that looked pretty good until i did something to make it all vanish :-( And thank you !! And please tell me if you find that some unaligned or incorrectly designated/spec'd wall, or room, or ceiling etc etc etc is causing the problems
  4. I cant seem to extend any new wall lines to create the dormer sides without completely destroying All 2nd floor floor and ceiling elevations, including the 200" high living room ceiling. On one occasion I touched or crossed a wall line and it made the hallway floor elevation minus 12"!!!
  5. Thanks for replying....spent the last 9 hours doing just that,,,,,VERY unsuccessfully :-(
  6. Need to create a dormer over a stair landing on the 2nd floor of the attached *.zip file. Just dosen't want to go past the roof plane joint and it has to. If you study the *.jpg's you'll see what the problem is. The stair landing is at the low point of the roof plane and I need the dormer so the roof line is raised in that area to create at least 90" of headroom, preferably 96" to match the hallway leading to it. Just can't get it wider than 4' which it appears to break the roof plane joint. I know it's a complicated area but there has to be a way to do it. fyi: seems like every time I intersected some wall, or created a new wall, it destroyed all 2nd flr elevations on the left side. The red line markups show approximately the size it needs to be, Will have to create another one equidistant on the right just for summitry. Really need a solution soon :-( Thank you for any help you can provide. cg001c.7z
  7. It works !! Thank you again David. You always have the answer :-)
  8. Have been working on a plan the last few days and the Library Browser has been working fine. Then a couple of hours ago I tried to open the library browser again, and nothing. Rebooted the system (up 24/7) and no joy from either the pull down menu or Ctrl+L. All the content files appear to be complete. Even did an "update library catalogs" from the pull down. Every other function of the program appears to be working fine.
  9. Took my plan alt_f3c (attached) to an informal plan check w/ the city and they nixed my idea of a 4' tall rock column /wrought iron fence extended out to the front property line from the privacy fence line for security purposes. No fence lines forward of front of the residence in my zoning area. But I can put up a 42" high spiked wrought iron railing around the front porch w/ a gate in it to the front door. So I decided to raise the slab elevation to 32" above grade to require going up steps to get to this new gate. Problem I'm having is getting the garage floor / stem walls / slab at the correct elevation. See screen shots 32_001 and 32_002 attached to understand whats happening. (taken from plan alt_f3d attached). Around here we build using slabs on fill & slabs on grade. The idea is that the garage floor will be 31" below the residence slab w/ a 10' finished ceiling without changing the roof lines as shown plan alt_f3d. Tried about every dimension configuration in the "structure" tabs and just can't get it to work. Sure need some help !!! Thank you (see signature for version & operating system/hardware) alt f3c.zip alt f3d.zip
  10. Don't know what I clicked on, but now I can't access the "room specification" dialog on the 2nd flr. I can edit everything else on the 2nd floor, and the "room specification" functions fine on the 1st floor and the detached garage 1005 2 story.plan 16 car.plan 235 frontage.plan Alt 1.plan.zip
  11. Thank you David !! NEVER received such a comprehensive and informative response on any of the many forums I subscribe to.
  12. Attached. Please keep in mind that I sure don't pretend to understand more than 10% of this software 1005 2 story.plan 12 car.plan
  13. Got the "hole" configured OK. But no matter what I try, I can't get the "deck floor" to show up. Also have several other little issues that are just irritating. - If you edit the polyline to eliminate the piece of roofing showing across the 2nd flr sliding door, it erases the the exterior wall finish from that point up. - The porch below "hole" had a ceiling. Now I can't show one, It only allows for cantilevered. Any suggestions ??
  14. I'm having considerable trouble editing a roof plane where a deck is built off a 2nd floor dormer. Any suggestions ?? *.jpg attached showing problem. (HDPro 2015)
  15. I've got all the arc "X"s left over from attempting to creat various curved walls that I can't delete. They persist even though the wall/arc was deleted. How do I get rid of them ?? (see attachment)