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I am using HD Architect 2016.  When I try to remove a now un-wanted porch, some interesting things are happening.  Not only does a wall appear outside the house, but my second floor windows also disappear in Full Overview although they are still present in plan view.  Awesome!  I've been playing with the walls to see if something was misaligned or the room attributes were off but nothing so far has fixed the issue.


I have attached pics of the Full Overview with the porch and without it.  I have also attached the plan view showing the wall outside the house between the closet and utility room.


Any assistance would be appreciated! 


Thanks,  Terese






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If structural walls are out of alignment, floor to floor the first floor walls can "grow" up to the second floor. The remedy is to make sure such exterior walls are properly aligned floor to floor.


The software by way of basic programming and automaticity does things automatically whether you want those effects or not (the software is merely a mechanical thing reacting to stimuli).

Continue on with the design, being careful to not leave  any unnecessary loose ends and in doing that in itself, helps to minimize unwanted results.



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Thank you for the replies.


Solver:  I can't actually delete that wall.  I get the "Automatically generated wall" dialoge box.  I can't even move it. 


DJP:  The first thing I did was to check that my walls are aligned;  they are. 


I also thought that my half-walls in the attic space were causing it but deleting them also didn't remove the wall.


That pesky wall only shows up when I delete the 2nd floor porch off the plan.  I've also deleted the roof and rebuilt the roof to no avail.  I've tried to upload my plan so the authorities here can take a look and tell me what super simple thing I have neglected to do but I am unable to do so. 


Thanks again for the quick replies,



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I figured it was an Automatic Wall. Sometimes convincing the program they are not needed is not easy.


Your correct 2nd floor wall is likely to still be there, it's just hidden.


If you will post your plan file, I'll have a look. Make sure it's not open in Home Designer, and you may Zip it, if the file size is large.

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Thank you all for the replies.  In desperation, I closed everything and re-started my computer.  Unbelievably, that solved the issue.  Perhaps my computer was angry with me?  IDK.  I may have to start making offerings to it.  Or I may start drinking. 


Thanks again

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