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My roof angst continues...


Attached are three thumbnails.  One shows the plan I'm trying to emulate.  The other two are what I currently have.


I need to extend a portion of one roof edge to "tuck under" the adjoining roof edge.  Tried editing the plane with the F2 command but all that's doing is moving the entire edge of the roof.


Also, what is the "X" that's showing up on my plan?


I apologize in advance if this is simple, and I realize that a lot of this is "trial and error" with the software, but I've been trialing and erroring for about 3 days and I'm completely stuck.




I'm using HD Pro 2015.




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Until you have done it a few times I am sure it will seem "difficult". What you do is to select the roof plane you intend to edit, manually in plan view, While selected the "Edit Toolbar" will appear (because you selected the roof plane). In the edit toolbar is the "Break Line" tool (looks like a lightening bolt). You left-click on that tool icon to make it the active tool and then left-click where you want to break an edge of the roof plane (taking a single line and breaking it into two line segments). The point is to take the eave end of the roof plan, break its edge so you can fold it under the adjacent roof plane (this is what you do when fascia tops to adjacent roof planes are at different values). It is the same thing one would do in the field with carpenters only you are doing it digitally.


Here is a video of me doing just that on You Tube: https://youtu.be/3R4hFpya5fk




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There are plenty of good videos in the links below. David also has a bunch on his YouTube channel. 


Finding that Break Tool was a challenge for me too. Every video I watched just said "click the break tool", which I only knew as the Wall Break Tool. Finally someone said specifically "in the Edit Toolbar".


It's stupid to have two Break Tools, and I have requested that they be combined.


3 on the keyboard is the same Break, and 2 on the keyboard is the Join Tool.

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3 is supposed to be the same as clicking the break roof icon. I do much roof editing in camera view and find that it does not always work, but rotating the plan so I have a different angle on the roof plane always works.


So, select a roof plane, 3, then click where to break -- just like you would if clicking the icon. 

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