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  1. I can't figure out how to make a wall between the two roof planes, see attached drawing. I've also attached the plan and a photograph of the actual room for the remodel I'm working on. Thanks for any help. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2015 Untitled 1.plan
  2. I actually just did something that I'm sure I won't remember...I opened the symbol, imported it to sketchup, saved it as a new file and then it seemed to work...go figure!
  3. Yup...I've tried multiple symbols. I've also noticed that the versions you can download pretty much start at 2017 or 2018, wondering if that's the problem. I seem to remember downloading lots of stuff that was older and never having an issue.
  4. I'm suddenly finding that I cannot import anything from 3D Warehouse. This is the message I get: "Couldn't create a symbol. There were no 3D surfaces found in the data file." I've been importing symbols for years...not sure why it all of the sudden isn't working. Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2015
  5. I recently downloaded the Benjamin Moore Manufacturer Catalog. That was yesterday. All was working fine. Today, my entire catalog library was wiped out. I updated, which restored my Core Catalogs but not my User or Manufacturer Catalogs, which appear to be lost. Any suggestions for recovery? Thanks. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2015
  6. Thanks...I knew it had to be something simple.
  7. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2015 I use the soffit tool for everything. Question: Is there a way to disable the placement of baseboards and moldings around soffits? See Attached photo where I have created a hearth from the soffit tool. Thanks. Feb 10.pdf
  8. Fixed the problem...thanks again to a great David Potter video!
  9. Drawings attached: Trying to create a half dormer. I want it to look like the first attachment. When I go to crop the roof around the dormer, I get the "cannot find walls for the room to which the back of this dormer should connect" and the dormer disappears. Not sure I understand this. Created knee walls, etc. Dormer shows up in the floor plan (see third attachment). I'm lost. Floor plan attached. Thanks.
  10. jeffreybianchi

    Half Dormer

    I'm working on a 1 1/2 story house with half dormers. Using the floating dormer tool I've managed to get it almost exactly right both from an exterior and interior perspective (see attached exterior view). My question is, how do I keep that exact same dormer and roof pitch but RAISE it higher so that it's closer to the peak of the roof (and interior dormer height is higher)? Side question: Is there any way to NOT show the side dormer walls in the final floor plan view? I understand why they're there but makes it very difficult to present to other people because they can't see the true layout of the room with all of the extra walls showing. Thanks! October 13 Dormer Sample-Perspective Full Overview Image.pdf October 13 Dormer Sample.plan
  11. LawB10: Thanks for the input. Yes, unfortunately building roofs is still completely hit or miss for me in spite of hours spent watching tutorials and David Potter's excellent videos!
  12. Thanks. Don't have that exact dialog box ( a later version, maybe?) but just went in and highlighted all of the walls simultaneously and was able to change them. One final question: The upstairs cathedral area shares a common wall with the exterior. Is there any way to make the interior (under the cathedral roof) drywall and the exterior siding? My choices seem to be one or the other. If I specify drywall for the room, it turns the exterior siding into drywall, etc. etc. Pics attached. 1011 siding 2.pdf 1011 siding.pdf
  13. Follow-up: I deleted the second story and re-drew it...seems to be fine now. However, I still haven't solved the interior siding issue so any wisdom is welcome.
  14. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2015 Two Issues: See attached second floor plan, labeled A, B, and C I can't highlight spaces A and B as rooms. A is supposed to be finished space (and will eventually have dormers) and B is supposed to be open to the living room below. The space denoted as "C" is fine. Secondly, why did all of my interior walls suddenly turn into siding? Checked the default dialog and it says they should be drywall. Plan attached...thanks in advance. Interior Walls.pdf Second Floor.pdf October 11 NEW.plan
  15. David: Thanks for the video...that was great!