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  1. twnctyguy

    3D View Lighting

    davidstvz: Thanks, tried your suggestions and still no change. I'll keep playing with it, I'm sure it's something simple that I'm just not getting.
  2. twnctyguy

    3D View Lighting

    I'm wondering why the recessed lights in my renderings appear on in one view, and off in the other. Doesn't seem to be much support info/videos on rendering techniques for Home Designer Pro. Thanks for the help!
  3. twnctyguy

    Stair Questions

    Thanks once again. I'm not even going to hint at how much time I've spent trying to figure this out!
  4. twnctyguy

    Stair Questions

    Two quick questions: How do you get a stringer to appear on a landing? How do I get rid of the railing on the first 2 steps? PS: Have watched videos, read the help page, built the stairs by hand and automatically, gotten rid of the railing and built it manually, but I simply can't get those railings to disappear.
  5. twnctyguy

    Re-Sizing Millwork

    Eric: Amazing, thank you!
  6. twnctyguy

    Re-Sizing Millwork

    I am trying to use a cathedral arch from the library. When I attempt to re-size it, it gets all wonky. (See attached drawing.) Doesn't seem to matter whether I check "maintain aspect ratio" or not. Any help is welcome, thanks. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021