How to add custom cabinetry to library


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I have HD Pro 2016 and have added all the free additions to the library that I can.  I noticed in the Chief Architect products that the library contains many specific cabinet lines, but Pro does not.  Is there a place I can go to get/purchase additional high-end cabinetry to use in Pro?


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The manufacturers themselves probably tell Chief Architect what products that their lines can be available for.

So if you see on the website that they aren't offered for Pro, you need to either . . .

  • use the tools in the software to try to create your own closest approximation of their cabinetry if you want to use it,
  • see if you can find symbols in the 3D Warehouse for those cabinets and import them,
  • upgrade to the Chief Architect Premier version to get the manufacturer cabinets who choose to only make their catalogs for the most advanced version.
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