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  1. I have an interior door that I need wood casing on one side and white casing on the other. I'm not sure how to get this to happen.....every time is use the material painter, both sides change.....????
  2. .....or I could just find a tile with grout I like and change the tile color to replicate the one I like. Funny I didn't think of that before....
  3. Thanks. In one of your youtube videos, David, you changed the line in the chip mosaic tile to black to allow it to also showed up black. Were you able to get that because it was placed on a shower base and not floor? I could not get the same options you did using the "adjust material definition" tool. It looked so easy, but not so?? I will try my hand at your instructions, thought I am limited in my graphics programs....hopefully I can get something to happen in "Paint" (good thing I can't hear everyone chuckling right now)
  4. OK, thank you---are you aware of a video out there showing those steps? I will give it a go.....
  5. I'm having trouble figuring out how to change grout color. In the library the tile appears to have dark grout lines, but when I place it, it shows up bright white in 3D!
  6. Thank can I make the shower it's own room? It's a custom shower with shower pan next to a soffit which is my shower seat.....
  7. Could anyone please remind me how to add chair rail and/or crown to a bathroom without including the custom shower area?
  8. BTW, is this a doable task in a Chief Architect product? Or still no?
  9. OK, thanks--glad I asked. I'll quit looking for HD how-to articles on fluted columns then too!
  10. Hi, I'm attaching a photo of a a Neff Valet closet design that I am taking inspiration from. Before I begin could anyone let me know if HD Pro 2016 is capable of producing such decorative moldings (and how i could do this) and whether or not I can find unique closet pieces such as the pull out pants rack (or pull out tie racks, etc.), or for that matter a bottle of liquor with some tumblers on a tray to place on a countertop? Thanks much!
  11. Thanks again. If you find yourself making and posting a video on unique uses of closed box shapes and half walls as they pertain to custom showers, please sign me up!
  12. Yes, something like that! Thanks much. I'm going to have to familiarize myself with using "closed" box geometric shapes...seems like a perfect solution to a lot of scenarios I have I the plan I'm working off of. Your shower threshold matches the surroundings that also a half wall? say 5"? Since the half walls are not pony walls, it should be no problem to place a narrow countertop on them even with the presence of the glass panels, correct? Thanks a lot!
  13. Thank you. Somehow my room is set up so that I could not treat each wall separately....instead each is following some "mother default". I did manage to get the glass to appear transparent. Am currently looking how to undo the "room" effect so I can treat each wall separately. Thanks for your help.
  14. I have HD Pro 2016 and have added all the free additions to the library that I can. I noticed in the Chief Architect products that the library contains many specific cabinet lines, but Pro does not. Is there a place I can go to get/purchase additional high-end cabinetry to use in Pro?
  15. Thanks for your feedback. I'll post a rough sketch of what I'm trying to do. Though they're not all drawn, there would be the 4 columns covered with tile/rock. I appreciate your help.
  16. My glass panel door for my shower enclosure appears like a solid wall in 3d, but in drawing mode, nothing but the panel appears. Why would this be and how can i fix it? Thanks!!
  17. Hey everyone--I'm at my wits end trying to get this custom shower to look like I want it. Can anyone please direct me to where I could get help forming the following: 2 walls of the shower enclosure are custom....Picture a column (basically a 5" x 5" post) covered in rock butting up to a half-wall with glass upper. Turn the corner using another rock tile-covered column with another half-wall/glass top, another tiled column then the glass door. On the other side of the door is a covered column butting up to 3 more feet of standard solid wall. Do I use a pony wall for the half wall with glass or a standard half wall and somehow place a glass panel on top (not sure how to do this). Also, when I try to make a 5' section of wall thicker than the rest to make the column "bump out" HD warns me that they are not connected properly, and i'm not sure how to cover only them in tile. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!