How to select a different handrail?


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Hi, when working with stair railings, landing railings, and placed railings, I cannot figure out how to change the type of handrail section that is used.  In my current model it is using some fancy shaped handrail section and I want a simple 2x6 rail (standing on edge).  I can see options to change newels and ballusters, but not the handrail section, only its width.  For all railings except stair railings I can select panels and maybe find something in there, but it seems I can't use that for stair railings.


How do I select a different handrail section?  (without silly gimmicks like manually placed soffits or mouldings)


Thanks and regards,

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Chief Premier and Chief Premier Interiors does allow the choice of railing types, handrails and baluster types, Home Designer does not. In life you only get what you exchange for in terms of competence or money.


Lol sorry today I'm buying neither upgrades nor philosophy. :lol:  Thanks though!

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So among all the bad news I got today from CA about Pro and it not doing some of the things expected, I did receive this happy little nugget.  In Pro it's possibe to use panels on stair railings, using a roundabout way.  Here are the steps:

  1. In stairwell properties, turn off the railings
  2. Draw straight railings *on* each side of the stairs (or curved railings if curved stairs).
  3. Open the properties of the railings and select "Follow Stairs".
  4. Changes the Rail Style to panels and then choose a panel from the library.

It's obviously got limitations, but this is certainly improved over the Arch version that doesn't allow panels in stair railings at all.  Here's a couple examples (straight and curved):




This is probably old news to many of you but I'm posting in case it might help other newbs like me!  :)  Regarding my original question in this thread, it was due to not being able to use panel railings on stairs that I wanted to know how to control the stair railing shapes.  Now that I know I can use panels on stairs (with the Pro version) I have another way to get something closer to the actual stair design.



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