Using a Tub Like a Sink


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Hi all,

I was wondering if a 3D object of a large circular tub could be used in place of a sink within a cabinet. The tub that I am referring to is the Kohler RiverBath:

I have tried numerous ways to get the bath to sit right but to no avail. I think the best solution would be to use this object like a sink in that I would click the tub into the cabinet and the countertop would be cut around it. In real life, it looks like this:

Is this possible? I am running Home Designer Architectural 2015 on a Mac with OSX 10.10.



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Here I've shaped a custom counter top to go around the tub. Not sure what tools your version has -- you might use a Slab too.




This is really 2 custom counter tops, because that was the simplest. There is no tool to cut a hole, so you could make a U shaped one, then Copy Reflect About to get the closed shape.


What you want to do is not doable in the Home Designer products, but is in Chief.

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Thank you everyone SO much for the speedy response and excellent information!!!

Once I get back from vacation I will definitely try these ideas out and post back the results.

I had tried the custom countertop idea but didn't realize there were so many things I could do with it.

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