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  1. Brian1016

    Uploading Pictures to Forum

    Thank you!!! I was using Safari, so based on your recommendation I download Google Chrome and the pictures uploaded perfectly.
  2. Brian1016

    Cathedral Ceiling Help!

    Thank you SO much! That was a great video. I'm definitely going to try this. So in Pro, there is actually a tool that allows you to do this more intuitively? Either way, this is a great fix!
  3. Brian1016

    Cathedral Ceiling Help!

    Hi All, Hopefully someone can help me. I've been trying to create a cathedral ceiling in Home Designer Architectural 2015 like the images attached. I follow the steps to create one as per the directions on the Knowledge Base but it always comes out looking like this. Even the picture in the Knowledge Base has these qualities. It seems that one side is slanted, while the other remains tall. My goal is to have the living room and entryway be entirely a 2 sided cathedral ceiling, while the kitchen and dining room remain a normal flat ceiling. Is this something I can do in Architectural, or must I update to Pro? Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!
  4. Brian1016

    Uploading Pictures to Forum

    Hi everyone, I'm about to start 2 different threads on the forum tonight regarding 2 different questions. When I try to upload pictures to accompany my questions I get error code 302. Is there a way around this? The pictures show exactly what I'm trying to put into words and will be necessary to explain my questions. Someone at work suggested I make a free website and put the pictures on there with a link? Please help. Thanks! -Brian
  5. Brian1016

    Using a Tub Like a Sink

    Thank you everyone SO much for the speedy response and excellent information!!! Once I get back from vacation I will definitely try these ideas out and post back the results. I had tried the custom countertop idea but didn't realize there were so many things I could do with it.
  6. Brian1016

    Using a Tub Like a Sink

    Hi all, I was wondering if a 3D object of a large circular tub could be used in place of a sink within a cabinet. The tub that I am referring to is the Kohler RiverBath: I have tried numerous ways to get the bath to sit right but to no avail. I think the best solution would be to use this object like a sink in that I would click the tub into the cabinet and the countertop would be cut around it. In real life, it looks like this: Is this possible? I am running Home Designer Architectural 2015 on a Mac with OSX 10.10. Thanks! -Brian