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I am still having problems with roofs.  Gable roofs, not hip roofs. My latest plan has a roof that looks like Picaso painted it.


Are there any guidelines to follow when different roof pitches intersect?


for example on a two story wall, should "full gable" be checked on the first floor, second floor, or the attic wall, or on all of them?

What settings should be made for the other side walls?


I will attach the plan file if you promise not to laugh. I would like to figure out how the program nakes decisions about roofs, then I will be able to make the prgram understand what I want to do. Simple rectangular roofs work well. Whne ever there is more that one roof pitch in the same plan it gets mixed up.


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I laughed.  :lol: Not at you, but with you.


The second floor is 12" high. Reset it to whatever it should be. Change it in your defaults, then Edit>Reset To Default. Select Reset Roof Directives in Walls too while you are in this dialog.


You have Ignore (Top) 2nd Floor checked -- uncheck it.




Make sure the rooms on the first floor have Roof Over This Room checked.


Gable wall directives go on the wall directly under the gable.


Different roof pitches are not normally a problem.

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Yea, I chuckeled at the plan. The 36" pitch for Garage  LOL, The 3" pitch of Master bedroom  and the default 10" ceiling heights for the 2nd floor.


As solver suggested, reset the Plan pitch, I would go to 6 or 8, you may have to resize the Garage Area, use the stairwell tool, align the second floor walls

with first floor. Use the break wall tool if you only want the Garage gabled.

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I understand what you are saying, but I manually went in and edited every wall and roof value before removing the roof and rebuilding it. When I edited the values I did notsee the values you have reported above. I will, however, do what you say and will also check each room amd each wall settings.


One thing I wonder about is where there are two rooms that share a common wall that is 9' ceiling height in one room, and 8' high in the adoining room.  The common wall should be 9' and the other 3 walls of the lower room need to be 8' high.


This is a remodeling job. There are only two roof pitches, 3/12, and 12/12. The 3/12 pitched roofs are currently on the existing house and can't be changed to 6 or 8 without removing and rebuilding them. The 3/12 pitch are over the roof over the garage/laundry areas, and the roof on the right side mostly over the Master bedroom and bath areas.


The 12/12 roof is only over the second story area which will be added 90 degrees to the basic rectangle of the existing house.That section is supposed to have a lower ceiling height or 9'.


All other parts, second floor, and the original house have 8' ceiling height.  The garage ceiling height is higher because the concrete slab is lower, but the actual ceiling height of the garage is the same as  the house's 8' ceiling height.


When I looked at it here, the stairway looked like it was level with the upper floor. It did have 18 steps though, and I thought is should have only 15 because I measured a new house locally that had 9' ceilings and it had only 15 steps.


It is hard to describe in words. It is entirely buildable though and not hard to do in real life either.  Seems to be hard to get the program to understand though.

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If you will review my previous post, all the info needed to get the plan back to normal so you can change the roof as needed is there.


In general, set your floor defaults for each floor. Edit>Defaults>Floor. Go to each floor and change them to match your house.


Then using Edit>Reset To Defaults, choose All Floors, select everything else and OK.


In the Build Roof Dialog, uncheck Ignore (Top) 2nd Floor. Set the pitch to 3. Build the roof.


You should get a hip roof everywhere, with a 3" pitch.


Select the walls you want to be Gable, and change them. Select the walls that need the pitch changed and change it.


Build the roof.


You have rooms on the first floor that do not have Roof Over This Room checked. You will see this when the roof builds. Correct this.


This is the roof showing a default build. post-171-0-36494400-1448407953_thumb.jpg


This shows after gable walls and pitch have been changed. post-171-0-54333400-1448407986_thumb.jpg


This shows the house with how the roof might look. post-171-0-66420100-1448408011_thumb.jpg

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When setting the defaults for each floor, what do I set for the "A" attic Rough Ceiling height?

And the checkbox Ceiling over this room, unchecked?


The pictures above look good.  I hope I can get mine to look like those...


You don't mess with attic settings. Attics are defined by the ceiling below and the roof above.


What should the Rough ceiling height be set to (for approx. 8' ceilings)?  I want the drywall to work without cutting every sheet.for example.


Pre cut studs for 8' walls are 92-5/8". Adding 4-1/2" for top and bottom plates (1 bottom, 2 top) gives you a 97-1/8" rough ceiling. 1/2" drywall on the ceiling and 8' of drywall leaves a 5/8 or less gap at the bottom.

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I'm not having much luck. I now have something like your default build picture above, but not quite as good.  When i try to change the left and right roof sections to 3/12 pitch (3") it goes Picaso again, but not as bad as before. The left and right walls show full gable walls with 3" in 12" pitch in the dialog boxes, but the rendering has all roofs looking like 12/12 pitch.


Since there are 3/12 pitched roofs on either side of the two story addition, shouls only the left and right wall be set to full gable and 3/12 pitch, or are the inside walls where the 3/12 pitch roofs come in contact with the sides of the two story addition also need to be set to 3/12?


Eric, you obviously got it working. To get to the second picture, which settings did you change/edit?


I'll start over with the defaults with12/12 pitch again and see if it works differently. I'll try to do exactly what you said.  I did mess with the Attis default setting but I have no idea what they should be correctly set to anymore.

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This is my second try for a reply.  I typed a lengthy explanation and hit the post button and nothing happened after the initial activity when I pressed the post button.  I refreshed the page and everything I had typed was gone and it didn't post.  I'll start a new one below this.  Very frustrating.

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I'm getting closer.  I tried exactly as you said, and was kind of close, but all roof pitches were the same.  They did look good however.


I can get it to look right with all roofs at 3/12 pitch, or all walls at 12/12 pitch.  I can not get more than one roof pitch in the same drawing.  Could this be a limitation in HD Architect version?


Any wall settings which are set for a different pitch than the build wall dialog box "pitch" setting are ignored. The "full gable wall" checkbox does seem to change the roof type.  Any other ideas?  I have tried to follow your directions precisely.

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I had just spent 20 minutes composing a reply.  Then I was going to attach my latest file but couldn't figure out how to do it. I remember it was easy last time, but I can't find the button to attach a file now... Don't ever press the "More reply options" button located near the "Post" button, you lose 20 minutes of typing in a flash! :(


I'll re-compose my message and attach my file as soon as I can figure out how to do it...

I'll look at your ideas above, I just noticed you sent something.


Oh, I did have some success with the roofs!

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I still can't find how to attach the file.  I did what you suggested earlier at least 5-6 times.  I had to do more but similar things to both floors of the plan, opening up each wall segment and changing the pitch value and making sure the  Full Gable Roof box was checked only on the end gable walls.  I would change values and later go back to check them and they seemed to have changed by themselves.  I figured I was getting tired having worked on the roof issue for 7 hours straight.  Well I finally found the magic combination of things because the roofs all look pretty good now. I don't know what exactly I did, so I may not be able to reproduce it again.


But as soon as the roofs looked good, suddenly several portions of exterior walls were missing of didn't have siding on them any more. So I am trying to figure that out too.  Also I can't figure out how to put about 3 concrete steps in front of the porch. I can't raise them up where they need to be.


The windows are in need of placement and deciding on what style they should be, and generally making it look good enough so my wife approves is the next big job. I'll have to quit for the night soon too.

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Except for some minor cleanup, looks like you got it!


In the attic, there are 2 walls that are not aligned. 




I made a bunch of small adjustments to get the inside looking like this. Guess I need to start doing videos so others can see as it's not easy getting things across with words.





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  • 2 months later...

 OK, I give up.  I have to ask for help again. After spending at least 12 hours trying to get the roof right, I am getting nowhere fast...
I tried evefything explained previously many times, but I must be missing something. Do I have to spend more money and get a more capable version of HD Architect to do roofs in a more intuitive way?  

Attached in my newest version of the plans, and drawings showing how the roof should look in case it is not obvious.

I really want to learn the program and most of it is intuitive, except for roofs.
Thanks in advance for any help with this.


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It's going to take far longer to type this than it took to fix the roof -- it's not so bad.


Go to the Build Roof DBX and turn off auto build. You have a 42" overhang -- is this correct?


Edit>Reset To Defaults. Check all floors, check all other options below.


Set the gable walls on the first floor to be gable.


The Great Room needs Roof Over this Room and Ceiling Over This Room checked.


Go to the second floor, set the gable walls to gable, and change the pitch on the 2 long walls.


You don't have room definitions on the 2nd floor where they are needed because some of the walls are marked No Room Definition. Click the Wall Tool, hold the Shift key and draw a selection marquee around all the 2nd floor to select all the walls. 


Ctrl-E to open and clear the checkbox for No Room Definition.


Build the roof.


The roof builds according to settings in the rooms and walls below. When the roof doesn't build as expected, it's because one or more settings are incorrect. Think about what setting would cause the problem, the find and correct it.






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