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  1. Too bad there isn't any direct way, like you can do with other text and dimension, etc. Yes I have used the manual label option which seems more like a work-around than simply dragging the label that is there and moving it. I did see in one of the videos where they rotated a corner base cabinet label 45 deg, but in the video they kind of did it without explaining how to do it. It was a corner base cabinet with a corner wall cabinet above it. I couldn't find the video again today while I was searching fr it. Thanks for the quick responses...
  2. Is there a way to move or reposition labels on kitchen cabinets such as "B3021" ? Sometimes they are in the wrong place and interfere with a nearby cabinet or a wall mounted cabinet.
  3. Perfect! Way easier than I was trying to make it. I'm also trying to do something similar to the end/size of a carport (just a roof supported on columns) but there is not a door or a formal opening. Any ideas? I've tried using soffits, but there may be a better way... I'm also trying to make a tapered apron in front of the garage door. Is there a way to angle the depth of a slab? Or do I need to make a geometric shape of some kind?See attached file. Or should I ask these questions each in a separate topic?
  4. Maybe I don't know what to search for, but how do I make a garage door that has the top two corners clipped at a 45 deg angle so the trim molding looks good? The garage door normally is installed slightly behind the wall and the actual opening has 45 deg corners, the door behind is actually a rectangle.
  5. I want to show brick trim details when I look at the house with the orthographic full overview. I have some rectangular windows and an oval window. I would like to show brick trim on the sides and top of the windows for example standing the bricks on end along the tom of the window (soldiers), stacking a row flat on the sides and extending the depth of some bricks by a half inch or so. Can you point me to a tuturial or video that demonstrates this? I have searched the knowledge base and google and can't find out how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I have the default terrain turned on for ortho view. Since the garage floor is about 1 foot lower, the terrain cuts off the bottom part of the garage door. How do I get the terrain to be lower in front of the garage door? I haven't put in the driveway yet because of this.
  7. I have a long wall that has a break in it because of a gable over a section of that wall. I want to place a patio door under the break. How do I place the door under the break so it spans both wall sections?
  8. Update - In my HD Pro, the export 3d stl is not available, it is grayed out under Export.
  9. David, That link seems to have expired. It brought me to a location with an error message. I will look into it further. Kat, Thanks for the idea. From what I can tell, reading about it, it only works with Chief Architect products, not with Home Designer. I didn't try it to see. Tom
  10. Is there a way I can send an orthographic view to someone so they can rotate the house and look at it from different angles? Like some kind of file that has a 3d viewer?
  11. I had some success. I was able to trace the driveway and some existing out buildings, and the outline of the lot. Thanks for the help. Tom
  12. Thanks. I'll try both ideas and see how it works.
  13. How would one bend the lintel into an arch shape? Yes, it would need to be proud of the rest of the wall, but only by about 2". I don't remember seeing a lintel in the program, but it makes sense there is one.
  14. Are you saying that once imported, we can't resize the image? Where do I import an image so it shows up in the terrain? I can externally resize it and orient north before importing if needed.
  15. I see how we can import a photo to use to trace a floor plan, but is there a way to import an aerial photo to use for a terrain (or to use as a template to create a terrain? My county website has a nice aerial photo, or possibly google earth could be used. Tom