How to rename buried file with too long name


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See this Knowledge Base article.

KB-00911: Message: This file cannot be saved to the specified location.

Basically, to move the file, make sure it isn't open in the Home Designer software and navigate to the file's location on your computer and move it so it isn't nested too far down in tons of subfolders.

You can also right-click on the file in Windows and choose to rename it to something shorter.

To just create a copy of the file in the software at a new location with a simpler name, select File> Save As.

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I looked in the link that you suggested and the answer states:


When choosing a file naming convention and file management system, therefore, try to use short file names and limit the use of folders nested within other folders.

Through poor file management on my part, I now have important files with multiple "too long" names, and multiple nested folders and they won't 'save'.  The only way I am able to save them is to print pdf's of them.  Is there a way to re-name these files with shorter names, ie to separate the long name from the file itself in order to resave it and start doing what the "resolution" suggests?
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