I want to buy someone's Home Designer ver 10 PRO


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I will pay more than the upgrade rebate if someone is thinking about upgrading...


I am stuck on Win XP that is the reason why and the latest version 2016 will not run on my computer..


Scott Perkins   2scott@bellsouth.net

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I am a little skeptical about the amazon offer since it is a digital download affair.   I talked with chief architect customer service and sales and they

said in no uncertain terms they were not and would not participate in any products other than current version.   SO if I ordered at amazon where would I be downloading it from ? ? ?

The reason I am stuck on XP is I have two other essential software programs that run only on XP as well as scanners and special large format printers etc


I also noticed Amazon is offering 2012 and 2015 HomeDesigner Pro versions.....  arent they also supposed to run on XP?    ie  2016 version was the first version to NOT run on XP...... is that right ?

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2016 version was the first version to NOT run on XP...... is that right ?




According to this Knowledge Base article, it looks like 2015 was where they dropped support for the Home Designer software on XP, so 2014 and earlier versions should work?

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I dual boot one of my systems for the same reasons , XP and Win7 , fairly easy to setup too.


Jo_Ann is running the 2015 Trial on XP no problem , but said 2016 wont even open.....


Technically CA does not allow the transfer of HD Titles to new Owners (as they do with Chief )  as most people have already Used them to "upgrade" and get the Rebate.


Did you ask Sales if they would still sell you 2015 as you only have XP ?  Sorry I only had the x64bit version so couldn't share that for you to try.


***Edit , the file on the HD website for 2015 I linked you too , is the Full version not an update and just installed fine for me , you will still need to request a CD KEY to activate it once installed though

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Like Kbird and Solver said you will have to a dual boot setup on your PC.


First: you have to parttion the Hard drive, you will then have a C and D drive.


Install the new OS on the D drive, when you restart the PC you can choose which OS you want.


You can install the software using a friends application and key, but your friend would have to deactivate their software.

If you use your own software and install on another drive you would have to deactivate the software and reactivate on the new drive


You're option is to install the program you have and then upgrade to what you want.... you can buy the software direct from this site.


You dont have to go through any other site.


Don't buy the DVD back up, just make a copy of file that gets downloaded.


Last: If you are not computer savvy, have someone who's computer savvy partition the drive and install the software for you.

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you could also just buy another hard-drive and plug it in to get D: drive if you don't want to play with partitioning though there are many good Tutorials online showing how to do this and a number of good free partitioning programs like Aomei Partition Manager, scroll down for the free standard version



their guides are here


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I have been around Personal Computers since they were invented.  ( Before the IBM PC-AT I was a salesman for a company that had the fastest

personal computer in the world and demoed at NASA etc.  AND  it had a dual boot feature as at the time the IBM PC-DOS was not the absolute dominate Op System)


All of these work-arounds are risky which is fine unless the stuff you risk  is important and valuable. (Mission Critical)  Even when safeguards are taken

the investment is always a great deal of time which is the most valuable of all.

It would appear that if I cannot find an older Ver 10 or 2012 or 2014  version I must either decide to abandon Chief Architect or  buy a new computer

to run the latest version.  My project at this time does not justify the expense of new hardware, new space for new system and  new software.


I hope Windows 10 version is the answer to everyones wants but Microsoft never gets it right ... on purpose actually because

they build themselves a path for needed improvements and upgrades to generate corporate revenues.    


So I wil wait to see if an older version comes available and until then I will do conceptual stuff with Ver-10-Suite and probably resort

to 2D CAD for the essential cross sections and precise framing dimensions.   My skills in Sketchup are improving and I may just ditch the

old fashioned 2D.    


I have four or five months before I break ground on the new cabin and we should know a lot more about Win 10 by then.


I am currently running six partitions on two hard drives with Win XP  and am no stranger to odd setups but I just cannot afford

to "play" with my "production" system at this time.


It is nice to see how our members here are multitalented in many areas.  Thanks for the suggestions.


Kinda too bad actually   as Chief Architect is foregoing some nice revenues on an older product that they

provide no support for and it would be all pure profit if they were to sell an older version at this time.


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"I am currently running six partitions on two hard drives with Win XP  and am no stranger to odd setups but I just cannot afford

to "play" with my "production" system at this time."


That was why I suggested a new HD especially since $60-70 gets you a 1TB Drive these Days , re-partitioning has come a long way but still not worth the risk on a Production machine for that money.


Not sure if someone has a 2015 Trial Key they no longer use , though I can't remember if the Trial Key becomes your Real Key if you Activate it or not ?


Seems strange to me that CA won't give you a 2015 Version if you are willing to Pay for it...... 

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