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  1. Log Cabins and Timber Frame etc homes look very nice but in my immediate family there have been two family homes completely burnt to the ground. I am now a believer in FireBarrier and sheet-rock etc. No one exposes the beauty of wood with the thought of it ever burning but unfortunately it does. Sometimes "code" makes sense. Back in '97 or '98 a very strange situation developed with lumber shortage when all metal frame buildings mimicking traditional wood structures were cheaper to build and if you selected the buildout materials properly would be fireproof with thousands of do
  2. Brilliant ! Just when I think we have exhausted all the possibilities you come up with something else. I can see the many advantages for the slight extra cost. Btw, my original inspiration for he 16 x 16 cabin was from looking at the following two plans and selecting the design layout of the smaller 12x12 prospectors cabin and increasing the size to be closer to the Pioneers cabin which is actually 16x20. I felt that by utilizing the entire 2nd floor space instead of an keeping an open loft, enough space could be saved to scale back on the footprint size to 16x16. I think that
  3. Eric, you always give me a lot of thought provoking ideas and we have seen a large list of temptations most of which result in unarguable enhancement but with overall scope creep that I am trying to avoid for a while but want to keep in reserve for later options. Yes roofing is more expensive than siding but be fair about the cost of siding... also add the cost of roofing on top of the siding and the extra framing for the roof on top of the siding .... I am not so sure a whole 2nd floor is cheaper than Gambrel but you are absolutely right about windows. I just see the Gambrel now
  4. I revisited the HomeDepot video and it occurs to me that the Gambrel components may be larger than my six foot sections as they look really big in the video and a whole lot of space on the 2nd floor. I may enlarge my Gambrel components as I evaluate options but it does appear that it is easier and cheaper to gain 2nd floor volume by increasing Gambrel members than by adding higher and higher knee walls although I am swapping my desired "Farmhouse" look for a "Barn" look unless you are from Holland. Just think... an extension of the outside two members of the Gambrel roof by one foo
  5. Here is a pretty interesting video of a 16x16 shed that shows the impressive space available on 2nd floor without extensive extra effort. Gambrel roof 16x16 shed at Home Depot I would have 3 ridge beams for strength and stick build each gambrel member (?) on the roof It will be overbuilt for reasons of insulation but being extra strong isnt always bad. I would mount at top of 2x6stud exterior wall a 2x12 as a third top plate with the excess hanging to the outside and shimmed slightly so that as an overhang for the outside wall it would tilt down slightly for water runoff. T
  6. I have been around Personal Computers since they were invented. ( Before the IBM PC-AT I was a salesman for a company that had the fastest personal computer in the world and demoed at NASA etc. AND it had a dual boot feature as at the time the IBM PC-DOS was not the absolute dominate Op System) All of these work-arounds are risky which is fine unless the stuff you risk is important and valuable. (Mission Critical) Even when safeguards are taken the investment is always a great deal of time which is the most valuable of all. It would appear that if I cannot find an older Ver 10 or 2
  7. I am a little skeptical about the amazon offer since it is a digital download affair. I talked with chief architect customer service and sales and they said in no uncertain terms they were not and would not participate in any products other than current version. SO if I ordered at amazon where would I be downloading it from ? ? ? The reason I am stuck on XP is I have two other essential software programs that run only on XP as well as scanners and special large format printers etc I also noticed Amazon is offering 2012 and 2015 HomeDesigner Pro versions..... arent they also supposed
  8. I will pay more than the upgrade rebate if someone is thinking about upgrading... I am stuck on Win XP that is the reason why and the latest version 2016 will not run on my computer.. Scott Perkins
  9. Eric your latest plan is certainly appealing though I might have some difficulty in framing the 2nd floor roof as drawn. I think when we get into the complexity and extra details we can just go ahead and get the full 2nd floor with a flat ceiling with little or no extra cost and a smallish uninhabitable attic if we were to use for instance a low slope 4-12 roof pitch. With a full height 2nd floor and obligatory full 2nd floor bath I think the dwelling could become a full time residence again even in a 16x16 footprint. I am still trying to max out what I call the economy car ver
  10. Outhouses to Bathrooms.... I have a collection of old House plans going back to 1885 and up to 1942 and in these 18 or 20 sets of plans the first appearance of a Bathroom or any special room to go potty in in any of the plans is in 1920. And some of these plans were gigantic 3000, 4000 sq feet 3 story mansions etc. It is the weirdest thing to not see any restrooms or dedicated bathing areas in a house that size. Certainly no showers but I thought maybe there might have been rooms with tubs etc. But nope !
  11. Eric, I am continually thinking about your suggestion for taking the stairs outside the 16x16 space as nothing is too crazy... In fact I am reminded of my early favorite Cape Cod style homes where in the 1800s whenever the wealthy built their home they had the resources to build something like a partial basement but I think the space may only have been for storage of veggies. ie "root cellar" ? ? Anyway, all these Cape Cods had what looked like not much more than a large dog house connected to the rear part of the house side ... certainly not as much as what we see for small front p
  12. Regarding doors in stairways. Some here seem to be not sold on the benefits of a structure that can close off floors from one another from an air movement standpoint. We have been led to appreciate the cathedral ceilings the sky high foyers, the balconies looking down into the family rooms etc. I can tell you they are the stupidest things any architect has ever done excepting those designing for folks wealthiest enough to not care about utility bills. You can build houses with 9 and 10 foot tray ceilings and have luxurious winding stair cases in the foyer and still have doors
  13. I am very sorry for my extended absence as you all know life sometimes interferes with our fun. I hope everyone here is learning and having half as much fun as I am with this collaborative project. It occurs to me that many people go through life without ever being able to be part of a collaborative team of highly talented individuals and being able to take part in development on a deeply intellectual project that one person could not do by themselves. For some reason our minds are fixed and cannot always see all the alternatives I think because we are genetically inclined to pursue a
  14. regarding the Cape Cod living rooms with low ceiling photos.... Actually one of the rooms has open framing with the 2nd floor wood strips showing above even though the framing bottoms are at 7 ft height. Open Framing is a possibility with the economy car model using the 2x6 joists overhead for aesthetics but it would be better efficiency wise to install a regular ceiling below with insulation stuffed in between the 2x6 joists. This is an individual value judgement. Efficiency vs Looks. Remember one goal is max efficiency and by closing off air movement up the stairs during sup
  15. I think it is time we invent a fold down sink. I was thinking about a bathroom with just a shower and a toilet and realized what a shame we have flowing water and a drain in the shower but it is difficult to use just to wash your hands. We are already half way there with the shower/tub spout valve but instead of filling a tub we turn the valve to get the water to come out of the lower spicket into a bowl that would somehow fold down or slide in from the wall or on a shelf for sink like use. The prisons already have put a sink on top of the toilet bowl.... The Urapeeans already put