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  1. if you grab the diamond in plan view the track moves to the other wall just like solver said. Just grab it and slid it over.
  2. select your stairs then choose custom and under middle/count enter 2 This will add the additional stringer.
  3. in preferences / appearance / color / background See if this does it
  4. you need to look at the slab dimensions. It is 4 " thick in your plan and you have it at minus 3" on its' bottom and 1" at the top. Move the slab up by 3 inches and you will be golden.
  5. barthmv

    home designer 2023

    I guess I missed the 2022 update. Looks like it came out in July of 2021. I usually update every year. Must be getting old. Thanks for the info Rookie65
  6. barthmv

    home designer 2023

    When did version 2023 become available and didn't 2022 just come out sometime around March Also noticed a steep price increase for Pro. I was just going to upgrade to pro 2022 from 2021 (normally $95.00) and noticed that the upgrade to 2023 (don't see 2022 available) would be $295.00. Getting a little pricey to keep current with the upgrades.
  7. my previous post on this stated that I didn't think it was doable but after checking out exactly what Solver was saying I found out it works perfectly. You can change both the trim and door to be different on the exterior and the interior just like Solver was saying. Sorry about my previous post being inaccurate.
  8. I have fooled around with this a little bit because it should be something doable. Often the outside of a door trim is different than the inside. The materials give you the option to modify the exterior and interior but they both change when changing either one. It does't seem to be able to be done in this program. It does let you change the inside and outside of the door to different colors but not the trim. Should be something that support can address and fix.
  9. except for the seams in the dome roof you can simulate a dome roof by using a shape from the library and placing a material on it
  10. Thank you for your response Derek. I have been updating HD Pro every year since I purchased it in 2007. I love the program and look forward to every years' new version. I will be upgrading to the 2022 version soon. As a side note It would be great in the future to expand the number of layout pages in the HD series. Thanks again for your quick and informative reply Mark Bartholomew
  11. Physically Based Rendering was added 2 versions ago in the 2020 version. So unless the 2022 version has gone to Photo Realistic Ray Tracing I also don't know what is being offered in the new version. It would be nice to get more precise information of the improvements since the web site doesn't make the upgrade sound to desirable.
  12. I just tried it and it works exactly as DJP stated. Select the window you want to delete, select next and press delete and it removes the window. Worked perfectly
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    Cursor Shortcut

    Try the space bar
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    brick ledge

    I have often found info on how to do something on the chief architect site that I wasn't able to easily find on the home designer site. Since Pro is a lot like the chief software I see no harm in going there and I will continue to do so when needed. You should be able to get information, tips, and techniques from what ever source available. I understand you and David Potter are quite busy and have your hands full trying to answer all the questions that come into the site, and with that in mind I use what ever source I can to get an answer with out having to add one more question to your list. I thank you for what you do.
  15. barthmv

    brick ledge

    go and in the search type brick ledge.
  16. you could use a pass-through, place a soffit into it and then for the visual of partial opening pull down the top of the soffit for appearance. Not great but it works.
  17. Custom backsplash can only be done in camera and elevation views. I don't know if you are trying to do it in plan view but you can't, only in camera and elevation views.
  18. select the hinge in the library and move it anywhere into your plan. Open the hinge and modify as needed. Move it into position on the door.hinge placed into plan from the library. Open and modify
  19. looks like if you view it in plan view you can rotate the cube around the Z axis and in 3D view you can rotate it around the X axis. Between the two you should be able to rotate it to where you want it.
  20. I'm not familiar with the Architectural version but fooling around with this in pro I was able to use a full height cabinet, place it in front of a doorway, remove the shelves, and replace the material of the cabinet to transparent glass and the inside cabinet color to transparent glass also remove the toe kick. This simulates the look that you are seeking. There are probably many ways to get this to look like you want it to. Just mess around with the cabinet options and you'll get something that looks right. Solver is right in that you cannot remove the back of the cabinet but making it transparent looks the same.
  21. The library has shapes that will work. Use the cylinder and resize as needed
  22. I had assumed that you had already built your roof framing. That needs to be done. In the Roof Plane Specification turn on the build roof framing
  23. This is one way to do it and there might be others but I found this to be easy and quick
  24. edit/default settings/plan/edit can now change between main layer or outer surface
  25. forgot to mention that auto framing needs to be disabled before adding the stud