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  1. barthmv

    Print size limitations

    Yes, the limitation was removed which I think many will be happy about. I want to thank Chief Architect for doing this and also for the other changes in the 2021 version. Nice job.
  2. barthmv

    Trouble downloading core catalog

    core catalogs are updated periodically and older version are removed. it's possible your version is too old. You might contact support and see what they can do.
  3. barthmv

    Finished Basement Walls

    I believe you can also create a new wall type or edit the foundation wall type to include additional layers of studs, insulation, sheetrock, etc. I have not tried this but can't see why it won't work. regards.
  4. barthmv

    Widow's Walk

    there seems to be a number of ways that this can be drawn in pro. I created it by lowering the floor I had in my recent post by 18", modifed the framing to be 18" around the floor. next I added the railings with a bottom offset an height to get the proper appearance. Solver is correct in saying that this is not a very practical design. Most widow walks that I have seen have always been prone to leaking and this design without some kind of slope and drainage would be really bad.
  5. barthmv

    Widow's Walk

    attached is an image of my home which I am finishing modeling using pro 2020. I was able to do the widows walk by manually moving the roof planes creating an opening in the peak. I inserted a slab for the floor and then added deck railings. Still a work in progress but shows what I had intended it to. Hope the jpeg shows up ok in the post regards.
  6. I understand the reasoning behind having more features with the more expensive versions of Chief software but I don't quite know why print size should be one of them. There has been a lot of questions concerning how to print larger size prints with the home designer software. Printing is something that should be available without size restrictions. with software that costs 500 dollars. Many of us users have large format plotters and would like the ability to utilize their print capabilities without having to spend the 2000 + cost of the chief architect software. I don't feel asking for unrestricted print capabilities is asking for too much and should be a simple thing to add to the home designer software which will be coming out probably March of 2020. Could you let me know what the reasoning is behind the print limitations. Thank you
  7. barthmv


    I have run home designer pro on both desktops and laptops and found they both run well. I do have to say that both my desk top and laptop are high end. They both have dedicated video cards with plenty of memory. My laptop is an alien with 16 gig memory and a 4 gig memory video dedicated memory card. my desktop is 16 gig memory with a 2 gig memory video and both running i7 processors. both run well with the home designer software.
  8. barthmv

    Finding a material list item in the plan

    I don't believe the 2018 Home designer titles can do what you are asking for. I read that the 2019 titles can do it. I think you have to upgrade.
  9. barthmv

    3d connexion mouse

    I also use a 3D Connexion mouse for NX 3D modeling and find it very useful. I tried it with HD pro and did not find that it served much purpose.
  10. barthmv

    2019 software upgrades ??

    This is about the time that news about the upcoming upgrades for the year come out. Does anyone have any news about this? The upgrade from 2017 to 2018 wasn't anything to get excited about. I'm hoping that this year might be different. I would really like to see an increase in the print size capability. This isn't much to ask for HD pro.
  11. barthmv

    3d printer experience?

    I have not done any 3d printing with home designer software but I have done a lot of it with Unigraphics NX software. Most 3d printer use a stl file format. I can't imagine printing a complete 3d house model in a single 3d printing but instead would build it wall by wall and then assemble it to form the complete house. 3d printing can't deposit drops of plastic in mid air so it creates support structure when ever the model requires empty space below it. The support structure needs to be removed after the model is formed. Designers of 3d models try to position the models in the position (Z axis) the will create the least amount of support structure. An example of this would be if a roof was formed on walls the empty space below the roof would be completely filled with support structure. if a floor and walls were built without a roof or ceiling support structure would not be needed. Don't know if I am making myself clear or not.
  12. barthmv

    Changing dimension number

    I believe you are correct in saying that dimension text can only be centered, above, or below the lines. Being able to rotate the text 90 degrees to the dimension line is pretty basic in most cad programs. HD pro seems to be limited to a number of things associated with dimensions. Another example of it's limitation is the ability to draw walls using ID room dimensions only. One has to use several methods to do this.
  13. barthmv

    lost toolbars and status bar

    I forgot to mention in my post that David's video showing all of the tools with check marks is what got me to thinking that my toolbar file wasn't there. Thanks for the video David. I watch all of the ones that you post for various people and find them all informative. You are a valuable asset for this site.
  14. barthmv

    lost toolbars and status bar

    ok, I tried everything in your video and nothing worked. I had already tried it all several times before. What I did finally end un doing is under the toolbar customization window I selected configurations which showed only custom tools and then selected import. this took me to a directory the had a default configuration toolbar file. I selected it and everything was good after that. thanks for everyone's response. Love this site.
  15. barthmv

    lost toolbars and status bar

    ok, I reset the side windows and can not see the status bar when I select a build option etc. I still don't see any tool bars. The toolbar icon has a check on it so they should be there. The only time I can see tools are when I select something from the build window. but I don't have them after I perform the task. Hope I am making sense. If I open Home designer pro 2014 and look at my plans the tool bars are there. Can anyone tell me if there are toolbars present after first installing the program. There should be right? Thanks for all the help I am using Hd pro 2015 build