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  1. barthmv

    Can no longer click individual rooms, Help!

    check your walls and insure they are connected to form a room. if there is a gap between walls all the rooms will select instead of one. You can see this by creating a new simple plan with two rooms and move the dividing room away from the connecting wall. Now when you select one room they both select. connect the wall and only one room will select. Maybe this is it. ??
  2. barthmv

    Can no longer click individual rooms, Help!

    check to see in Tools<display options< Rooms is not locked. if it is remove the lock. This could be your problem
  3. barthmv

    Barker cabinets catalog

    looks like the catalog is for Chief Architect SSA only, not for the home designer versions.
  4. barthmv

    Re-sizing Architectural Blocks

    this was done from an existing fireplace from the library and modified exactly as Jo_Ann mentioned. Things were resized piece by piece and custom tile from my user library was used as the face. No need to explode
  5. barthmv

    Can't Move Wall?

    Thanks Eric, I didn't know that one.
  6. barthmv

    Can't Move Wall?

    I should have mentioned also that movement of walls in more than one direction isn't done with the red square. You can move walls by selecting the dimensions, also by selecting the wall and using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. The edit handles at the end of the walls can be used to size the walls. Again the red square is used to move parallel to the wall. I really don't know how to explain this better except to say it's all explained in the help manual. Regards.
  7. barthmv

    Can't Move Wall?

    The red square only lets you move horizontally left to right if the wall was drawn vertically up and down as in your example. Movement can be up and down if the wall was drawn horizontally, and parallel to a wall drawn at an angle. In other words, movement of the wall with the red square is at a right angle in which the wall was drawn.
  8. barthmv

    Security cameras

    this might be an option for you from the Online library. I have not purchased it so I have no idea what it contains. Often the online library has what you are looking for. This file is in accessories
  9. barthmv

    Activation problem

    don't know what is going on. I would contact support again.
  10. barthmv

    Activation problem

    if your screen shot is showing what you are doing then it looks like you are trying to activate with a new key. Try to activate with the current key. I also have Norton and have never had a problem with activating my software. I've never had to disable the antivirus and firewall. Double check to make sure you are using your correct key (current key)
  11. barthmv

    roof sheathing

    I heard back from support about this issue and because this is from an old plan that I had started to finish in Pro 2021, something did not translate to the new version. They weren't able to isolate the cause and suggested to redraw the plan in the new version. I guess this is something to keep in mind when reviving an old plan, mine was from 2012. Some of the features of older versions don't work in the new ones.
  12. barthmv

    roof sheathing

    Ok, I will send it to support. Thanks for your help with this. Might not be a big deal not having the sheathing correct but it's bothering my head to not know the answer. I will update when I get some information from support. regards,
  13. barthmv

    roof sheathing

    I went to my test roof plan and tried to change the default materials and it will not change from default. I tried to do it in the default settings with no luck and also tried to do it in the roof build materials tab with no luck. I am able to do a completely new plan and have sheathing options but not in my test roof plan. Might be something I just have to live with with the original plan.
  14. barthmv

    roof sheathing

    I checked with Chief support and was told that Pro does let you change the sheathing type and I found that if I create a new plan and create the roof I do have a sheathing option under the roof build materials tab. The existing plan I have has labeled the sheathing material as "default" and will not let me change it no matter what I do. I have included 2 plan files. Test Roof Plan was created the same as Test2 Roof Pan but you'll find that the sheathing option in the roof build materials tab is labeled default in the first and won't allow the material to be changed. The second plan allows the sheathing material to be changed. These plans are very simple basic plans just to demonstrate what is happening. The first plan is taken from a much more elaborated plan with everything deleted except for the second floor walls. The roof was also deleted from the original plan and rebuilt with auto roof build. I haven't a clue as to why there is a difference between the two plans. Without taking up to much of anyone's time if someone has a reason for the difference I would appreciate it. Thank you test roof plan.plan test2 roof plan_auto_save_bak.plan
  15. barthmv

    Roof layers

    Thank you Derek for your answer. I find that if I create a new plan and build the roof there is indeed a sheathing material choice in the materials tab but in my existing plan that option is labeled "default" and the sheathing material is listed as fir framing. I tried deleting the roof and rebuilding it and the sheathing is still labeled default. Unable to change it. I will question the members in the question and answer forum and see if someone might have an answer as to why the default designation shows up. As I said above this isn't an issue with new plans. Thanks again.