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  1. I'm having trouble joining manual roof planes to automatic roof planes. I've watched the video on advanced roof design several times and I've read the chapter on roofs in the reference manual. I want a high-pitch roof extending from a porte cochere over the driveway at the front of the house, across the front porch, across the middle of the house, and across the patio at the back of the house. Then I want a low-pitch hip roof over the rest of the house. I cannot figure out how to join these roof planes. The more I work on them, the worse they get. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. 2078 RR 165 Aug
  2. Thanks Eric. If I do that, then how do I get rid of the foundation wall that doesn't actually exist? is there a window where I can set the height of the foundation wall to zero?
  3. I have HD Pro 2021. The footing width and height I enter in the Foundation Wall Defaults window seem to have no effect. No matter what numbers I enter, the footings around my monolithic slab foundation are always 16 inches wide and 12 inches deep. What am I doing wrong? Where is the window that actually controls the dimensions of the footings? Thanks.
  4. I have HD Pro 2021. I've placed Stone Fireplace #4 (label 723097) on an outdoor patio. Now I need to extend the chimney upward through the roof. I've read everything in the Reference Manual (page 385) and I've searched this User Forum for "chimney". I cannot select the chimney for resizing as described on page 385. The fireplace does not have edit handles on the edges -- only the center handle for moving the entire fireplace. I have opened the fireplace object (Architectural Block Specification Dialog) to edit the Size/Position manually. When I change Floor to Top, Floor to Bottom changes to maintain a constant 97-1/8" height. When I change Floor to Bottom, Floor to Top changes to maintain a constant 97-1/8" height. I can't find any way to make the chimney taller. What am I doing wrong? Why can't I change the height of the chimney?
  5. McHaney

    brick ledge

    I have HD Pro 2021. I have not been able to force it to generate a brick ledge on a monolithic slab foundation. There are 18 instances of "brick ledge" in the Reference Manual. I have read all of them. I have watched the video on Foundations. I have searched Home Talk for "brick ledge". There are some conversations about brick ledges, but no answers. I have searched the Knowledge Base. Nowhere have I found a procedure for creating a brick ledge. I need a step-by-step procedure that says: Step 1. Do this. Step 2. Do this. Step 3. Do this. etc. Thanks.