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  1. Thanks, I tried that but the default material is drywall. I"m trying to make the "lower" wall, which is the loft wall inside, appear invisible (So you can see into the loft from the main floor). I tried making it an interior railing wall type, and changed the materials for the lower wall to "open/ no material", but drywall still appears in the 3D view. If I actually specify the railing type too, it then applies itself to whole wall (upper wall included). If I "define" the interior rail wall by deleting the drywall layers, it does something else funky and actually shortens the lower wall.
  2. Thank you. The custom backsplash worked! And I was able to break up that loft wall using the "lower wall type split by butting roof." Unfortunately, when I change the materials on the lower wall, it doesn't translate into the 3D version, so I'll have to keep researching and experimenting I suppose. Thanks for your help.
  3. I am recreating in the software an existing structure built in the 70's. It has wood paneling in several places which changes direction on the walls. I have correctly displayed this on the main walls of the floor plan, but when I try the same method on the exposed attic walls (vaulted ceiling), it doesn't work. I can create the wall break in the attic wall, then open the section of wall I want and change the material. But as soon as I close the dialogue box, the material change will apply to the entire attic wall (the break disappears). Any suggestions? Or what am I doing wrong? You can see
  4. Would adjusting the angle of a material work for one you already have in use? I'm using planking as my roof sheathing b/c I have exposed rafters and that's what I want to see. I've adjusted the angle from 90 to 0 (also tried 180 as well), and in the 3D view it doesn't change. Any advice?
  5. Well, that seams too easy to be true! And, once I tried it, I think it is too easy to be true. I found the "retain framing" option when I opened the roof planes. I selected and deselected everything you have done, and still I get this. is there a 3D layer that isn't turned on?
  6. I'm trying to draw a plan similar to the one I show here (this is just an example I found online). How do I create exposed rafter tails? I've searched all the videos, searched here on the forum and found some secondary mentions of it. Can't find anything in the reference manual. I've tried drawing the roof with no fascia or gutters, and just wind up with a hole between the roof materials and the soffit (like all the framing was erased). Any guidance would be appreciated!
  7. I realized that the windows are technically on the attic layer. So, I was able to give them negative heights relative to the floor, and drop them down into place. But, if I'm trying to create an accurate floorplan, is there a way I can move the dormer walls and windows to show on the plan for the 2nd floor? A framer looking at the plan as it is now, wouldn't be able to relate the dormer walls and windows without them somehow overlaying the second floor.
  8. Hmm, what did I do wrong? I turned off auto rebuild roofs. selected the "bedroom" loft and set the walls to 8', and clicked flat ceiling. And it shot the windows of my dormers up into space above the roof line.
  9. Oh, I was afraid that would raise the walls of the second story up to 8 feet again. I guess by turning off "auto rebuild roof" it, keeps the walls the same height? Thanks for your help!
  10. Oh wow, that's farther than i've gone in the software so far. Thanks! I'll have to experiment a bit with that.
  11. Jo- Ann, you're right. If I keep messing with the dormer wall height, I actually got both to draw at 49". Any ideas how to give the dormer areas flat ceilings so they dont meet at the peak of the ceiling with just an awkward couple of inches in between? I've tried drawing a room divider on the attic level inside the dormer walls, but that doesn't seem to work. I thought i might create a room where I could designate a ceiling.
  12. Wow, thanks for both videos. I saw David's first, and it still took a little tweaking to get all the walls, and roof hole and everything lined up just right. Eric, your method definitely seems quicker. Thanks for the tips. I didn't catch what you said to do to get that CAD line copied up on the attic plane to "reflect about." (Remember, i use a mac so I don't have "alt.") I do like those alternating stairs. is that a style that comes in Pro? Haven't messed around yet much with stairs.
  13. Thanks, I have watched most of the HD videos on the roofs and dormers, and I watched several of yours on YT also. None seemed to tell me why one dormer would be unable to be built as soon as I added another one on the opposite side of the roof. I've attached the file here. Thanks for your help! And thanks for the videos too. I"m new so I keep going through topics and watching things as I come across problems. Miller_Owlery.plan
  14. I'm converting a design from Sketchup of a small 1.5 story house. I finally got one dormer in the roof to look good and fit well. When I copied it and pasted it on the other side of the roof, I get the warning that a dormer can't be built because previous walls are in the way. So the new pasted dormer will show up, but the original dormer disappears (though the outline for it is still there). I thought maybe they were both too close to the peak that the framing might interfere. So, I lowered the wall height on each dormer, but I still get the same messages and only one dormer appears. I know I