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  1. Randall30

    How do i remove imported .jpg floor plan?

    Doh! So simple! Just did it. Thank you katalyst!
  2. Randall30

    How do i remove imported .jpg floor plan?

    How to get rid of an image (.jpg) floor plan that I initially imported to 'trace over' (drawing exterior and interior walls, etc)? Now that I have put in my walls, bath tub, etc., the jpg image is distracting and there must be a way to get rid of it?
  3. Randall30

    Problems selecting windows

    I am definitely going to need to watch tutorials. For the record, I did watch the tutorial on windows, and even looked up selecting and resizing windows in the Help system, just that it did not help, I was utterly stuck; I must have selected a room or something, idk, but there is definitely a learning curve to this software!
  4. Randall30

    Problems selecting windows

    Well now it is working. I deactivated the license on my Acer S5 Ultrabook laptop and installed and activated it on my powerful ASUS all in one PC (nvidia graphics, etc) and the windows selecting went flawless; I updated the Home Designer Suite 2015 software to see if that caused the bug but it still worked fine on the ASUS. I thought hmm maybe the laptop just is not powerful enough-- one thing on the ASUS was I easily saw the handles to resize windows, something I had NOT seen on my laptop. I went back to the laptop, started a new project, boxed in 4 exterior walls like before and then added a couple of windows and now all is good. I can select windows in 2D and 3D, I see the resize handles. I can not figure what happened. Maybe I hit some hotkey on my keyboard that caused some issue preventing seeing the resize handles for windows but I am glad it works now! Puzzling.
  5. Randall30

    Problems selecting windows

    I am frustrated, having an almost impossible time selecting windows with my newly installed Home Designer Suite 2016. About a 5% success rate, seems to be hit or miss. 95% of the time I click on a window to select it, whether in 2D or 3D view, and I end up selecting the wall. Pressing the TAB key does nothing (I thought that was supposed to select nearby objects?). The thing is, this worked fine on the demo trial version, but now that I paid $99 for the working version so I can save projects, I have about given up trying to select windows. I know how it should work, because it was working flawlessly with the demo trial version; same software. One thing different is that I did save my project in a Dropbox folder where with the trial version of course I could not save anything. I can select other objects like walls, a bed, a range, I just have a 1 in 20 success rate selecting a window with the paid version. And I did update the software prior to all this, so I have the latest version. Very puzzled. Any thoughts? Can I return this for a refund if the problem is not resolved (because windows are very important for the house I am wanting to design). Also, if I get lucky and do select a window, I can only resize it in the 3D view, not the 2D view. I can move it in the 2D view, but I can't resize it. All quite frustrating, clicking to select a window and nothing selects in 3D (95% of the time) or in 2D the wall usually selects. But I just don't get why I can not widen the window in 2D if I do manage to select the window!? Randall --- Windows 7 x64 Quad Core, 4GB RAM Acer Aspire S5 laptop