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  1. Yep, that's what DavidJPotter suggested as well and that's pretty easy to do. And it works, although it's pretty difficult to select the soffit again in 3D once I have pulled the soffit down so that the pass-through is open, because clicking mouse either selects the opening or the wall after that, not sure how I can find the soffit in 3D anymore after that. Or, in 2D either for that matter...
  2. Yeah, I don't think a feature change or addition is needed, I was just wondering if there was some hidden option somewhere that I was not aware of, where I could force a pocket door (for example) placed sideways on a wall so that it would open vertically instead of horizontally, as I could have used that to emulate this "in-room window with door". But seems like Home Designer do not allow it as no-one would in real life place a door that way in the wall. It doesn't seem to support out-of-the-box thinking in that sense Thank you anyway!
  3. Wow, didn't thought a sort of hatch in the wall that you can open and close is such a rare thing, but apparently it is! I had already thought about having to custom-make it, with whatever suitable piece of wood etc that would go up and down when button is pressed, and thought that I would use linear actuators to push the "door" up and down, you know, the same things that some use with floor hatch to cellar, for example. Hmm, seems like custom slab object or cabinet soffit are not dynamic, so I cannot open and close them in Home Designer 3D view, like I can with drawers and doors fo
  4. Hello! I have been planning an office room for my new house, and a solution that I don't know how to call it even in my native language, let alone english so I don't know if this is even remotely common or not :) The plan is, that this office room would be located next to living room, just behind the couch, so as I normally work at home, I could watch TV at the same time if I want to (TV is located just across that sofa on the other side of living room). As you can see from the picture, there's a hole in the wall. But there are situations when family is at home and is m
  5. Thank you BrewerDesign, it looks more or less just right! Too bad I cannot show them open/closed in 3D view, but then again that's what I feared. I wish you could use self-made dynamic components in Home Designer, for example at simplest I could make an architectural block where those accordion doors are open, and then another where the doors are closed, and then in 3D view I could just switch between those two I guess I just have to make two version of my plan to show them open and closed for my better half (and to myself)...
  6. Hello! I am going to make an "office corner" in my living room, and I need to get some privacy (or silence!) every now and then, so I am planning to install two accordion doors at those red squares on my plan: In case of term "accordion door" is unknown (or some other word is used here ), here is the picture of the door: So, when the doors are open, they are pretty much compressed at those two red squares, and when I want to close them, I pull them together, so it works like this: As in that picture, the system doesn't need any columns in the corne
  7. TominOhio, Thank you a lot for detailed instructions! In fact, I had already figured out everything else except replacing standard drawer for something out of library! It amazed me how this was possible with Home Designer, because that Utility Shelf (tall) is about 52,5cm wide if I remember right, AND it's a free standing object, and my rollout pantry is only 30cm wide, but the software made it fit there just fine!
  8. That looks great! How did you manage to do that? For me it would be enough to see it open but empty (and close it as well), as I can always imagine it full
  9. Thank you David! Too bad terrain features are not polished as well as other features in Home Designer are, as to me ability to shape terrain is maybe even more important than modelling the house, because my house will be built on steep(ish) terrain and I want to plan out my whole garden as well. In fact, before Home Designer I had my house more or less planned with Sweet Home 3D but it didn't have proper terrain editing tools. Then I tried to find whatever software had both architectural and terrain planning tools, and then I found Home Designer. Not only this software has amazing interior
  10. Hello everyone, I am slowly learning Home Designer but terrain is giving me a headache, as it just does what it wants and doesn't allow me to shape it as I want :/ Now I am trying to figure out how to model a root cellar (or a hobbit hole, if you prefer ) in Home Designer Pro 2020, that would be underground except for the entry side. Like this: I have tried drawing retaining walls, flat terrain regions, normal walls etc but terrain either goes through them or creates odd spikes or valleys. I even tried draw it using slabs as I read that terrain does not go throug
  11. Roll out pantry, yes, that's it Yeah, I couldn't figure it out how to make one in Home Designer, but thought that it's just because I don't know all the fine tricks yet. And yes, I would like to show it open as it would be easier to show my plans to my better half if she can see it open / closed. And, because all other kitchen cabins can be opened and closed, I thought if I could somehow create realistic roll out pantry as well... For now I have created a simple full height cabinet with 5 drawers, and I guess that has to do then. Maybe this kind of cabinet will be added in Home
  12. All right, fairly new user here so apologies if I ask stupid questions My problem is that I cannot figure out, how to make full height pullout cabinet that has one big drawer door with many wire baskets attached to it. There's language barrier here, as I am not sure what is this cabin called in english (see the picture)... In Finnish it would be "pharmacist's cabinet" but I cannot find anything in Home Designer catalogs with that search phrase (or with anything else I tried). Anyway, I am planning to add one in my kitchen that I am now modelling. It's easy to crea