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  1. Hi Barthmv, Thanks for your help. As I said I am only new to this software (less than a month) and still learning. I am actually trying to open it in plan view. I just realised it is a vertical direction and needs to be on the wall going up or down. As I read your reply I open the Home Designer Pro and check the Customised Backsplash and it is activated. Again, thank you so much for your help.
  2. Hi everyone, I am very new in Home Designer Pro 2021. I am placing some cabinets in my kitchen design and wanted to put a customized Backsplash, however my Custom Backsplash Tool bar is Greyed out and not active. I read some help notes and follow the instructions, but it did not fixed the problem. What I noticed is when I click the customise Tool bar I can see the Custom Backsplash Tool bar getting activated, but I cannot used it because the Tool Bar configuration Menu is Open. When I close the Toolbar Configuration Menu, the Custom Backsplash Tool goes Grey again and stay not activated. Any