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So, I have begun to model my current property in Home Designer Suite 2015. I have already modeled all of the interior/exterior walls, windows and doors. I have moved on to the roof and this is where my problem lies. I have a full gable roof on my house but my house is not a perfect rectangle. On the back of my house the wall/roof is straight, but on the front the exterior walls do not line up which is causing issues with the auto rebuild function in Home Designer Suite 2015. 


Any suggestions on how to fix this?


Note: I have tried turning auto rebuild roof off and that doesn't solve my problem. 




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You guide the roof generator to a desired result,sometimes by using temporary walls, always by settings in wall dialogs-roof tab, The software cannot read your mind so you have to take actions to tell it what you want.

Without seeing your plan or at least a screen capture image, I cannot give you precise advice other than the above.


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Use the File>Export>Picture to "snap" some pics of the problems , eg a plan view and some 3D views, then use the full editor under the "more reply options" button ( next to post button) to add the pics to your next post , or worse comes to worse a photo from your phone with a hand sketch of your house plan....


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Thanks for the suggestions!


I have tried a few different approaches to solve this issue and the pictures below is as close as i can get to a gable roof. 


I did try adding another wall in front of the home (extending garage wall) and that did solve to roof issue but i couldn't figure out how to hide the wall so it covered the front door. I removed that wall so you could see the issue i am having with the roof line 


I also began to work on the perimeter and haven't quite figured out how to adjust the elevation which is why the garage looks off.


Attached are a few pics to make thing easier!


Thanks Again!





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As I understand it you want everything under one

rectangular Gable roof. Use invisible walls to make

the perimeter of the structure into a rectangle. Be

sure to change all the wall segments (both visible

& invisible) that run in the short direction to Gable

walls. Build the roof. After the roof is satisfactorily

built be sure Auto Build Roof is turned off and you

can then remove the invisible walls. Something

like this.


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Sorry 'Rich_Winsor' for my incorrect description.


I would like a gable roof with one straight peek.


Also, i do not have any eves on my house. The only overhang is over the front porch where the roof meets the upper support beam of the porch.


Thanks again!

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the roof on the front of the house has the same pitch all the way along but is 3 different widths ,eave to ridge , thus the room heights on the front wall cannot all be the same, ie 107 5/8 as stated , at the RH end yes , porch will be lower and garage lower again.... , this is why you get the stepup in your original pic at the garage.... , you would get two steps IF your house is actually as per JoAnn's pic. as the walls are all set at 107 5/8 .


take a piece of paper and draw 3 vertical lines and inch apart ,now draw three lines at any angle parallel to each other ,from the top of each vertical and you will see what I mean, the angle lines will never met each other......hence the step in the roof.  shorten the LH an d middle vertical line enough and the angled line will intersect the RH line perfectly , you can actually use this method to work out the other two heights if needed.

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This example has 107 5/8" default ceiling heights and a 4/12 pitch roof with the overhang eaves reduced to 2".


The front porch room has the finished ceiling lowered to 101" and the garage has the ceiling lowered to 113".


This example has a overhang on the front porch wall  (as you stated).  Because the overhang has been almost eliminated in the roof build dialog, you have to create one. 

That was done with an invisible room  (which builds a roof over it)  thereby creating an overhang.  My invisible room is 12" deep.   Floor c has been dropped to -24" to bury the floor structure.  The ceiling is set to 118 5/8.


Once you have the roof looking correct, turn OFF 'auto rebuild' roof.  You can then raise the garage ceiling  (so that you don't bump your head trying to enter the kitchen!)  :lol:


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Grammar is important to understanding but NOT more important than the communication occuring. Correcting someone's grammar is secondary to helping them and is an unnecessary invalidation of their communication.

Though perhaps "corrrect" I consider it rude and unwanted, along with posts that point out misspelling, this is not Facebook or English class, this is a forum mainly for helping others with this stuff.

If you are having a bad day, take it out on the nearest telephone pole and not those looking for help here please.

Don't make fun of others, help them.


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Geez David, you need to lighten up. I'm sorry if you took the

intent of my post wrong and I hope the OP wasn't offended.

I was merely trying (with the limited resources at hand) to

communicate my befuddlement and bemusement at the

situation. If you look at post #5 it's not a matter of correcting

grammar or anything else. A simple grammatically correct

statement was made by the OP and a picture was attached

presumably to avoid any confusion. When someone goes

out of the way to repost a clarification of their original post

and states "this is what I would like the roof to look like" I

simply found it amusing that what later turned out to be the

desired roof configuration bore no resemblance to the original

request. Go figure.  


BTW, what do you have against telephone poles?

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