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  1. So I got the above error message while closing the program, after I reset the preferences. Upon rebooting the program, all my tool bars are back!!! Thanks for the help everyone. Dan
  2. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I do not have a toolbar tab in the tools drop down menu. When I tried to reset the preferences I got this error message. C:\p4sync\dev\Releases\16\chief\source\Toolbar\ToolbarIO.cpp(310): Warning #272001053 "Cannot open toolbar configuration file (C:\Users\Dan\Documents\Home Designer Suite 2015 Data\Toolbars\custom tools.toolbar) to store the toolbar information." 4/27/2016 7:02:18 PM Build: I am going to attempt to reinstall/repair the program to see if that solves my problem. Thanks, Dan
  3. Hi, I opened home designer this evening to find my tool palette is missing. Has anyone had this problem and know how to add it back. Thanks, Dan
  4. Thanks Jo_Ann for the tip. I have begun to edit wall, ceiling, foundation, and terrain heights on my drawing. I really appreciate all the support everyone! Thanks again.
  5. Thank you Kbird1 and everyone else for all the help. It was much appreciated. I have completed the roof.
  6. Sorry 'Rich_Winsor' for my incorrect description. I would like a gable roof with one straight peek. Also, i do not have any eves on my house. The only overhang is over the front porch where the roof meets the upper support beam of the porch. Thanks again!
  7. My default 'finished ceiling height' is 107 5/8" and the roof pitch is 4" in 12".
  8. Thanks everyone for all the help. Jo_Ann: That is exactly what i am looking for! How did you do it if you don't mind me asking!?
  9. This is what i would like the roof to look like
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! I have tried a few different approaches to solve this issue and the pictures below is as close as i can get to a gable roof. I did try adding another wall in front of the home (extending garage wall) and that did solve to roof issue but i couldn't figure out how to hide the wall so it covered the front door. I removed that wall so you could see the issue i am having with the roof line I also began to work on the perimeter and haven't quite figured out how to adjust the elevation which is why the garage looks off. Attached are a few pics to make thing easier! Thanks Again!
  11. Hello, So, I have begun to model my current property in Home Designer Suite 2015. I have already modeled all of the interior/exterior walls, windows and doors. I have moved on to the roof and this is where my problem lies. I have a full gable roof on my house but my house is not a perfect rectangle. On the back of my house the wall/roof is straight, but on the front the exterior walls do not line up which is causing issues with the auto rebuild function in Home Designer Suite 2015. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Note: I have tried turning auto rebuild roof off and that doesn't solve my problem. Thanks