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  1. Hey, I found this interesting. Has anybody else encountered anything like this? When I connect my two Pony Walls I’m getting some strange results when I go to a 3D view.
  2. Hey Mick, As you probably already know I have experienced the problem of having the content of some replies vanish when I hit the post button, but as far as I know you are the only one who is having the issue with unwanted "tagging" being added to messages. I don't get that in any reply window on either of the forums. You're just lucky I guess.
  3. Geez David, you need to lighten up. I'm sorry if you took the intent of my post wrong and I hope the OP wasn't offended. I was merely trying (with the limited resources at hand) to communicate my befuddlement and bemusement at the situation. If you look at post #5 it's not a matter of correcting grammar or anything else. A simple grammatically correct statement was made by the OP and a picture was attached presumably to avoid any confusion. When someone goes out of the way to repost a clarification of their original post and states "this is what I would like the roof to look like" I simply found it amusing that what later turned out to be the desired roof configuration bore no resemblance to the original request. Go figure. BTW, what do you have against telephone poles?
  4. Does anybody know of a good English to English translator app? Apparently I'm in need of one.
  5. As I understand it you want everything under one rectangular Gable roof. Use invisible walls to make the perimeter of the structure into a rectangle. Be sure to change all the wall segments (both visible & invisible) that run in the short direction to Gable walls. Build the roof. After the roof is satisfactorily built be sure Auto Build Roof is turned off and you can then remove the invisible walls. Something like this.
  6. Speaking of avatars, whoa... be still my heart. You are more... uh... radiant than I imagined.
  7. Hey! Look what the cat dragged in. (I have no idea what this icon is supposed to mean) Glad to see you have decided to grace the new forum with your considerable talents. Surely you don't expect me to remember what I have posted here in the past. My memory is like computer RAM. Once I shut down I forget everything I ever knew. And Chief's search capabilities aren't much better than random trial and error.
  8. Where is that girl? She did a nice Photoshop illustration combining the Tilt Angle and Direction Angle info. It was in a thread on the old forum, but I couldn't find the thread with a cursory search. I hope she's not still in a snit over the changes to the forum. BTW, I see you have resolved your issue with the emoticons.
  9. Hey Keith, the easiest way to control the sun light in 3D views is with the "Adjust Lights" tool. The two basic settings that control the light are “Tilt Angle” (a measure of how high the sun is in the sky) and “Direction Angle” (an indication of which direction the light is coming from). I have prepared a little sketch (see thumbnail #1) showing the range of these angles. The default is set up so that a “Direction Angle” of 90° will always shine directly on the front of the building (i.e. from the bottom of the screen). A "Tilt Angle" of -90° will place the sun directly overhead (be warned that no sides of the structure are in light when the sun is directly above). Why the “Tilt Angle” measurements are in negative numbers escapes me and leads to unneeded confusion. Its easiest to experiment with a simple 4 wall plan to see how the changes will affect the view.
  10. Rich_Winsor

    Wall tiling

    That tool is especially well suited for the Hansel & Gretel remodel job.
  11. Mick you need to run that by tech support. I don't have any problem with emoticons.
  12. What I'm saying is that I always log out when I'm done with a session. When I come back it shows me as logged in when in fact I am not. I can't see images or user profiles and the like unless I actually do log in again. Don't want to hijack Keith's thread. Just some strange stuff going on.
  13. That's funny because I have the exact opposite problem. Today for example when I merely open the HomeTalk forum page it shows me as presently being logged in even thou I haven't logged in and am not really logged in. I can't access any of the features available when logged in until I actually do log in. Phew! Did any of that make sense?
  14. It looks like there are two boulders and a baked potato in the Library Browser.