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    walk out basements

    front stem wall is 8-0 tall in fact all the walls around my basement are 8-0 tall . i'm trying to draw a raised bunglow with a walkout. the grade in the front down 4-0 and the back grade is down 8-0. the problem is i need the back foudation wall to below frost . the how to videos don't explain how to do this on a walk out. the back wall doesn't need to be concrete that is above grade i would like to frame it with 2x6 . i would post pics of my plan just not sure how
  2. drcframing

    walk out basements

    im trying to draw up my walk out basement and have a stepped stem wall on the sides and a 4-0 foundation wall below grade and frame wood walls above the 4-0 foundation wall to match the front wall just not sure how. any help would be great.i'm using home designer pro 2012 and im thinking about buying chief architect. i tried to do the same thing on a trial version and no luck also