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How would I go about removing material layers? Mainly ceiling surface and soffits to expose open eaves and gables on porches and house  and trusses in my barn.

I am fairly certain I saw this topic somewhere and can not find it now. 

When I use the remove material tool it leaves gaps (pic 1)

I included snips below. 

Thank you!

Remove material 8.45.JPG

Ceiling Material Question 8.4.JPG

Soffit Question 8.4.JPG

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For roof planes you can change the default material-layer settings to not display the default OSB sheathing but just assign your soffit material as the underlayment of the roof layer. This can  work as a work  around for roof plane unsightliness.


Without your plan file to inspect, no further suggestions or guesses are really possible.



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Think of the Remove Material tool as a way to temporally make a surface invisible. It's not really removing anything.


In the rooms where you do not want a ceiling surface, you can set it to 0" thick.

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