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  1. @solver yes posted new thread
  2. Is there a way to get a basic back clipped view of wall assembly from foundation to roof so I can add the insulation and a few details with out drawing my own from scratch? Once again, I try and only get truss ends or outlines. Most likely user error Thanks!
  3. @solver Is there a way to show a back lipped foundation to roof clip for adding the insulation and wall assembly? If this is considered a new thread, I will post as one
  4. @solver I can't thank you enough! I see exactly what I was doing wrong. Have a wonderful evening!
  5. @solver thank you for the video. ! Perhaps I am not placing my camera where it needs to go? Here is mine. Pumphouse 10 x 10- 9.1.plan
  6. Here you are Pumphouse 10 x 10- 9.1.plan
  7. @solver I have these two layers turned on. Also tried it in a new plan with a basic square and it did the same thing? Will show everything but this view.
  8. @solver Good evening, Thank you for the reply. I am in plan and all my framing has been built. It shows in every view but the back clipped.
  9. Hello, I am wanting to send my framing to a layout page one wall at a time via back clipped camera, however when I chose this method my framing will not display. It does not matter what wall I am on and I have checked that my layers reference framing in wall definition. I have played with the layers turning them all off then only headers and wall framing back on. Still does not generate. The below clip is of my end wall with all layers turned on. I followed the suggestions in HD Knowledge Base as well. Perhaps I am overlooking something? Thank you!
  10. How would I go about removing material layers? Mainly ceiling surface and soffits to expose open eaves and gables on porches and house and trusses in my barn. I am fairly certain I saw this topic somewhere and can not find it now. When I use the remove material tool it leaves gaps (pic 1) I included snips below. Thank you!
  11. I somehow deleted my attic walls and when I try to rebuild they balloon up through my truss end gable walls as a square wall. Wall material is missing. Any suggestions? Thank you much
  12. @solver Thank you so much for the video. It made sense when you said chief holds the original settings after deleting the pole barn. It really helped me to get the stick built barn underway which I like much better than the pole barn so plan to build this.
  13. @solver I am still working on the pole barn structure you helped me with in your video. However, I decided I would like to design the same main building (ADU) with a stick built barn attached. Basically a garage on a foundation with no slab floor (Gravel only) and a tack room & stalls inside. This to compare which type I like best after my builder suggested a couple different things. I saved my plan as a new file and deleted the pole barn. When I tried to draw the garage on the back and defined it as a garage the structure had no foundation or structure attributes. Even when I tried to adjust the settings. ( Pilot error I am sure) Honestly, I was hoping to retain the main building and start a new plan with the defaults set back to original via copy and paste in hopes of being able to build the barn without having to redraw it from scratch. I really appreciate your willingness to help
  14. @DavidJPotter Thank you for this explanation. I am a newbie to say the least. I do not plan to design anything other than the barn/ADU I am attempting now for myself on my property. You touch upon something I am concerned about and that is properly showing N direction and how to get the building on the 0 x,y,z as I am a bit off. Perhaps this is a new topic? I will look into all you mentioned