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  1. I somehow deleted my attic walls and when I try to rebuild they balloon up through my truss end gable walls as a square wall. Wall material is missing. Any suggestions? Thank you much
  2. @solver Thank you so much for the video. It made sense when you said chief holds the original settings after deleting the pole barn. It really helped me to get the stick built barn underway which I like much better than the pole barn so plan to build this.
  3. @solver I am still working on the pole barn structure you helped me with in your video. However, I decided I would like to design the same main building (ADU) with a stick built barn attached. Basically a garage on a foundation with no slab floor (Gravel only) and a tack room & stalls inside. This to compare which type I like best after my builder suggested a couple different things. I saved my plan as a new file and deleted the pole barn. When I tried to draw the garage on the back and defined it as a garage the structure had no foundation or structure attributes. Even when I tried to adjust the settings. ( Pilot error I am sure) Honestly, I was hoping to retain the main building and start a new plan with the defaults set back to original via copy and paste in hopes of being able to build the barn without having to redraw it from scratch. I really appreciate your willingness to help
  4. @DavidJPotter Thank you for this explanation. I am a newbie to say the least. I do not plan to design anything other than the barn/ADU I am attempting now for myself on my property. You touch upon something I am concerned about and that is properly showing N direction and how to get the building on the 0 x,y,z as I am a bit off. Perhaps this is a new topic? I will look into all you mentioned
  5. Is there a video or tutorial on how to copy a structure to a new plan? I have watched one on rotating a structure and read the manual on using the edit area. I am a visual learner. Thank you
  6. @solver Thank you so much for the fantastic video I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix the siding for my energy trusses. Also I appreciate the camera tip as well. I will work on this pole barn and see if I can get the trusses to rest on the top plate next to the posts so I can add purlins etc. That may be a new post Have a great evening and thank you once again!
  7. Good Evening, I am designing a pole building off the back of a small house. It needs to butt up to the main structure. I used KB-01069 to aid in design, however, I am having an issue with the pole structure taking on the floor ceiling heights of the main building even though it was created with different settings. If you open up each dialog box for walls etc, the heights say one thing but the plan itself shows something different. The poles are to be 10' above grade and -54" below grade. I need to place trusses on each side of the posts & the roof to rest on the trusses. The siding will need the girts and I created a new siding and named it pole barn to accommodate for these. The floor will be none or gravel if I am able to use that. I have watched videos and read the manual and I am still missing something. Hope this makes sense. Thank you, Plan 7.8 w pole barn attached.plan
  8. @solver Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it. I may be overthinking the whole situation as I have been known to do that ALOT I will work on the ceiling height again as it may be in the ceiling plane I generated. I will watch/read up on this tonight along with manual edit of framing members. Regarding the truss type on the end wall, the below picture was mentioned to me for the potential end wall issue. So this is the reference I was going by. However, I will bring both types up at my meeting with the county this week. Have a wonderful rest of your day and Happy 4th!
  9. Hello, I am in the process of working with my county building department to build this Small Ag building with attached ADU. ( the poles in my plan are part of the barn I will finish at when this piece is tackled ) Due to it's size, it did not require engineered plans, only engineered trusses. The county stated I can add a statement that the trusses on plan are for demonstrative purposes only. That said, they would like to see the framing for the transition from cathedral/vaulted to flat ceilings and suggested balloon framing up to a reduced scissor end truss. I have zero design knowledge prior to purchasing this program and have read a few framing/construction books, the 2018 IRC along with the BCSI for codes & best practices, implementing them for my local jurisdiction. I have hit a roadblock with generating the wall framing once my trusses are set in place for the area with the cathedral/vaulted ceiling. Is there a way to ask the program to balloon frame the end gable wall so that it meets the bottom truss cord and frames all components ( double top plate etc ) I have tried everything, watched all the truss videos and read the manual section on trusses, still not sure why the walls in that room are not the same as the walls in the other room. The interior appears to display correctly with exception of the transition from the scissor truss to the standard truss from living room to kitchen. I had to add another truss since there was not one generated directly above the wall. the pitch is 6:12 roof & 3:12 ceiling. The trusses are all a 14" energy heel. Including the scissor although it is not drawn properly, I will leave that to the professionals. Hoping just to have accurate reference and provide call out on plans. Thank you for your time Plan 7.3 w pole barn.plan