One of my favorite renderings after a week working on a framing design.


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Maybe this framing thing would be better as a technical question to CA support?

It looks a bit weird from here. So the frame is maybe 18-24" lower than the floor level?

You might need to upload your plan file for others here to delve into a solution for you.

Don't give up on it.

Problem solving is part of the learning curve I say to myself often.

Especially when time is not on your side.




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Framing follows what you created and conforms to how you set your room specification dialogs, where and how you placed windows, doors and roof planes at the time you built framing. If you then make changes as to location, type, size or windows, doors, roof planes and walls then the framing does not "automatically" update unless you have manually set the framing to automatically update. The framing merely follows, robot like, how you set your default settings and what you order it or fail to order it to do. Your posted example just shows that you have failed to manually ordered framing to be built after makeing changes of location and size of your wall penetrations since it was first built by you. Nothing more or less.



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