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  1. Thanks, I started several new fences on the same terrain, set up exactly like your video, no change in outcome. Not a critical drawing, just a reference for the retaining wall contractors. Have several theories but no time at the moment. Thanks again,. M. Will post if found.
  2. Hello, Here we are back with an issue that some hours of research and tinkering has not been able to solve. Here is a straight line fence following exactly the procedure on https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-01204. That would be specifying the fence as a chain link fence under newels and balusters. There are no videos I have been able to find on YouTube or other sources that specify fence specification to this level. No adjustments in any of the fence inputs makes any difference. Other than starting from scratch and drawing the fence first, I am out of ideas. Any suggestions appreciated. Michael Lowery Colorado Springs, CO
  3. OK, thanks very much, that was the procedure I was lacking. I expected a list to come up like the full materials list and didn't know the shortcut to get the specific framing. Otherwise I am making good progress. Michael
  4. I have the file opened, I see the plan, I see the frame in 3d next to it. So I want to send the structural member list out to the frame crew for a bid, export the list to Excel. So I click on tools, click on Materials, click on Structural Member Reporting, click on any of the reports, and nothing happens. Same when I select cut list, linear length or buy list. I click the selection, no list is generated. Then I click on the full materials list, and that list appears on the screen next to the plan, with all the framing members on that list, along with everything else. I am sure it is a simple mistake, but I am not finding it. Thanks.
  5. Working in HD Pro 2021. I have a preliminary design which is generating framing. The full Material List is generating with no problem, see all the items including framing. I cannot get a list from any of the Structural Member Reports (Cut List, Total List, Buy List). Been through the Default and Tools dialogue many times. Thanks for any guidance. Michael
  6. Thanks for the guidance, will try your suggestions. Michael
  7. Hello - Thanks for your reply. I did add my signature, I am using Home Designer 2021. Thank you for you YouTube post, it is very helpful. I have extensively viewed HD videos, checked the Knowledge Base, I am not finding any wall or roof videos or user replies that deal with this multi-floor issue, I would not be posting unless I had already spent the better part of two days using all the help functions to solve the problem. All of the help videos I am watching for HD do not show constructing a multi-floor example. They show it in the picture but not in the video. There is something I am missing in the complex interaction between auto roof, auto walls, default roof, auto roof, manual roof, manual walls. Trial-and-error has 10x possible combinations. I show the issues below where items are coming up through the roof and some walls are not connecting to the roof. The walls on the 2nd and 3rd floor are set to "Shed Roof/Gable Roof." Any guidance appreciated. Thank you, M.
  8. Hello - My first drawing. Works great but one 2nd floor wall is automatically generating an extension to the third floor. I know it is this wall because the extension goes away when I delete the wall below it. I have set and reset the default floor dimensions about a dozen times to no effect. I have a roof set over the second floor and the third floor, toggling that does not change the extension. Thank you! Michael