Creating a breakfast nook from a gabled room


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I am currently attempting to add a breakfast nook to a plan I am working on ad it is not allowing me to run the roof into the wall it is constantly trying to attach it to the roof line that is a storey above. I am going from a family room/kitchen area that has a high ceiling into a nook that would have a standard height ceiling. Very frustrating!!!


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I modified the roof manually in planview using HD Pro very quickly. If you don't have Pro, for the automatic roof to work, I did these steps:

  1. Remove the setting for the walls to extend the roof downward
  2. Make the wall thickness is the same as wall 3 and align collinear; set to high shed gable
  3. Set wall 3 to high shed gable; and do the same to the wall in the attic; then, for the attic wall align it with the wall below
  4. Lower the nook ceiling height ½” – not sure why…
  5. Set wall 5 to full gable


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You are very close!  I did two things to your plan:


1. aligned the invisible wall in your nook to the outside of the wall

2. aligned the attic wall with the wall below.




3. I noticed a wrinkle in your roof on the opposite side, so I made your ceiling the same height in your entry (it was different by 1/8" than your other rooms).


Fellas House Weird Roof-2.plan


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