Porch Wall Appears Above Its Roof

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I am planning an Auxiliary Dwelling Unit (ADU) conversion of a Dunn Barn with a front porch, both on a monolithic slab.  The porch slab is 6" below the main floor and has a railing.  When I draw the railing on the hip sides, there is an artifact that appears above the roof that looks like it is a wall (see attached perspective).  The ADU ceiling height is 96" and the porch ceiling height is 102".  I have tried to change the porch structure in various ways and cannot remove those walls.


Attached is the structure of the porch and the living room (which is behind the front window in the ADU).


How do I fix the porch structure to remove the artifacts?  Thanks for the help!

Living Room.JPG

Porch Structure.JPG

Front Porch Perspective.JPG

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Thank you for the advice.  The ceiling is vaulted, and I have tried both raising and lowering it. I must be missing something very basic, since the ceiling and roof are not behaving like I expected.  I am not sure what is controlling the roof height.


Here is a 120" ceiling structure and the elevation, and the walls still show



followed by a 72" ceiling and elevation, and the walls disappear, but the porch beams/soffits are still the same:



For the 6ft structure, the walls have disappeared, but the porch ceiling is much higher than 6'.  It does not change even at 120"



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IF and only if "Auto Rebuild Roofs" is checked "ON" in the Build Roof Dialog will the roof planes react to changes to the Ceiling Height setting in the Room Specification Dialog. With Auto Build Roofs "OFF" the roof planes stay were they were while the ceiling raises or lowers, causing no effect on the location of the roof planes That is why only changing the ceiling height did not effect the roof planes. Otherwise you would have to manually raise or lower the roof planes when you change the ceiling height of a room.



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Thanks everyone for pointing out my newbie mistake of having auto rebuild roofs turned off!  Turning it on and allowing roofs to rebuild did allow me to move the porch roof up and down.  However, there are some strange results.  First, starting with 120" height:


as can be seen, the porch walls are still there and the upstairs barn exterior wall disappears:



Now lowering the ceiling to 96" results in going back to where I originally started with the protruding porch walls:



Here is the plan file:

Barn ADU.plan

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33 minutes ago, krandall said:

Now lowering the ceiling to 96" results in going back to where I originally started with the protruding porch walls:


What's correct for the ceiling -- 96"?



And remember, you have manual roof tools in Pro. For a simple project like this where auto roofs don't behave, manual is quick and will give you what you want.

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You have already played with manual roof planes, on the barn and also on the porch.  That is what is causing the upper wall to disappear.  You need to fix them.

Also, you used interior railings for the porch.

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