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I am trying to create a boathouse with open boatslips and one simple hip roof over the area marked out by the room dividers on the pic.  HD pro 2021 does not seem to like this idea.  I have tried several functions of "no locate", "make invisible" or any other options I can find to make the marked out area one square room with a hip roof, all to no avail.  I cannot find a youtube video, HD help topic, or forum topic to fit this scenario.  This is a boat slip over water, all constructed of treated lumber over water, so I believe starting out by drawing it as a deck is the way to go.  Is that correct?  I need to draw a couple of different variations for the customer, with different roof layouts, so I need to know how to make this work. 


I also need to draw a handrail along the narrow edge on the side parallel to the one I have drawn, stopping even with the existing railing, Pro will not let me break the wall and only do handrail along a portion of it, the program always makes the entire wall along lower edge of the drawing handrailed.  I only need them for the to extend on half of the wall, and stop even with the ones on the other side of the walkway.  This is on the left most end of the pic along the narrow walkway. 


I seem to be running into these type of issues quite frequently, and I am aware that it is simple inexperience, is there a tech support phone number I can call and get some real time advice if I need it?




When i try to add room dividers, it adds in flooring in the open sections and puts some form of lower wall edge on the side of the deck, how do I stop that from happening?




without room dividers, the wall heights on the storage closet will not work correctly.  Do I need to delete the closet and draw it in later, or have it in place before I put the roof on?


If I try to just roof over the room, it cuts out the boat slips and makes a multiple faceted hip roof, or only draws a ceiling, no roof.





This is a pic of the actual existing boat house, customer wants to make some changes, so I need to be able to draw examples of what the new layouts would look like for comparison.  How do I draw that roof over this structure?

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I assume you are auto building the roof -- it's always important to say.


Draw 4 walls, build the roof. Make the roof correct. Turn off auto rebuild roofs.


Make changes to make everything under the roof correct.

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Like Eric said, get the auto built roof correct, then turn it off.   
Then go to each railing and set it to be invisible, open with posts, or showing a rail.

The rail at the open end of the bays (that was needed to build the roof) can be removed, exposing the bays to the water below.



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