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  1. KilgoreRemod

    multiple porches

    I stand corrected, just found the button to get back to wall view.
  2. KilgoreRemod

    multiple porches

    this seems to work, sort of. I have followed your video exactly, messed it up, and started over several times. My software is not reacting the same as yours. One of my main issues is that when I click auto rebuild foundations, it deletes all my walls and gives me a foundation view with no walls visible. perspective view shows me that they do still exist, but I cannot get back to them. This method still builds the first porch correctly, but the second one will not fill in like it shows in your video. How do I get back to my plan view with walls, and off of the foundation view? I cannot find this issue in tutorial videos or reference manuals, 2 full days now on trying to build in one simple roof line. What am i doing wrong? I am aware that there is most likely one simple button that I cannot find to correct this issue. and for some reason now i cannot upload my plan to show what my problem is.
  3. KilgoreRemod

    multiple porches

    thank you sir
  4. KilgoreRemod

    multiple porches

    I am a new user, still learning the software. do i need to be drawing out a foundation first, then adding exterior walls, or using the ext wall shape to create the foundation? I have tried rebuilding many times, and cant seem to get it right. using home designer pro 2021. Is there a phone number i can call for a live assist?
  5. KilgoreRemod

    multiple porches

    I have now been unsuccessfully attempting to draw 2 porches on a house for 6 hours, quite frustrated at this point. I will attempt to attach my current drawing and a drawing representing what I want. for some reason, the back porch appears by drawing in a room divider in the exterior alcove, marking roof over and ceiling over this area and defining it as a porch. The front porch will not draw in the slab, will not let me roof it the way I want, (half the time it deletes the majority of the roof in the rest of the structure). I have noticed in the room description dialogue that the back porch sets in parameters for the stem wall top, the front porch will not give me that option. I have drawn both using the same methods, one works, one does not. collins.plan The file is my current project, the pic is what I am attempting to draw, with the exception that both front and back porches are inset into alcoves by 3', where the pic shows flat faces across the entire building. The front porch should extend 5' out from the front of the building. Please help....I am 6 hours invested and dont even have the exterior walls/roof drawn on this one. collins.plan