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  1. KilgoreRemod

    Material list vs master list

    I have read the help manual and watched tutorial videos, as well as searched forum topics, have not found my answer yet. I have prices imported into my master list, cannot draw them into my plan material list. Based on what I have read, it is because the information is not identical. I have tried changing the reporting method, gone through every available setting I can find, and cannot get the information to move back into the material list. Master list shows board lengths in even fractions, material list is in decimals. Material list will not change from decimals no matter what setting I use, linear, cut, or buy list, regardless of feet, inches, or combination. 1) I have never seen a 40' board in any lumber yard, why does my material list tell me that I need a 40' piece when I change it to "buy list"? 2) how do I get the pricing to move back into the material list from the master? these prices were imported to the master from this list, I have not changed the plan, I have only closed and reopened material lists, so it stands to reason that the items imported to the master should match the material list they were imported from.
  2. Still does not there someone I can contact directly to walk me through this error?
  3. I feel like I have done that multiple times, I am obviously not correctly "building a NEW wall type" . Can you walk me through that process please?
  4. I did get the exterior wall at roof level changes corrected, thank you.
  5. That changes every interior wall in the house, I have tried using breaks in the wall to get specifically the section I want, but the program pops up a warning that I am changing the exterior side of an exterior wall (not true, I am changing the bathroom side of an interior wall on an interior bathroom), and random walls throughout the house change. I am clicking on the specific wall I want, going to wall definitions, wall types, define, and changing one side to green board, (materials/wallboard/4x8/green board) leaving the other side drywall, on one particular wall.
  6. I can not find those topics in help, and have a couple other issues that I need some guidance on. First, I have changed the roof design to full gable, and where there is a height difference in roofs, the walls are not showing up in the exterior sections between the level changes. I am sure that once I get the walls to appear, I will have the same issue with wall coverings in that area. Is there a way that you can show me how to make this happen? Second, I am working with the material lists to get this job bid done, and certain materials will not show up in the list, and will not show up in the model. Prime example would be that I want all bathrooms, kitchen and laundry to have greenboard wall board. I have changed the room definition in the room dialog, and the green board will not populate in the list. I have attempted to change materials on the wall definition, and every wall in the house changes to one side drywall, one side green board, and the green board still does not populate in the list. I have tried working with that specific wall, and it changes every interior wall in the house. I am concerned that this is only the first material I have noticed, and that there will be others that I have to deal with in the same manner. How do I get the wet location rooms to be green board walls, and make the appropriate amount of green board to show up in the material list? I have watched the tutorial videos, and they just say that the material list populates it, in this case, and other cases for me in the past, this is not the case, I am convinced that I am missing a button somewhere, just dont know where it is. I have been searching for resolutions in the help and forums for 2 days now, please assist. I have attached a pdf export pic of the roof situation and my plan drawing of the entire house. Aaron Kilgore Kilgore Remodeling Services Windows 10 OS Home Designer Pro 2021 stiver3 gable wall issue.pdf stiver3 gable.plan
  7. are those topics in help, or something in this forum?
  8. I am designing a house with a taller garage and hip roof design. Because of this, a small triangle of the interior garage wall under the soffits becomes exterior. How do I make those 2 triangle sections of wall show up as exterior and have appropriate metal siding. I have attempted marking it as an exterior wall, adjusting wall coverings, among several other things, and have not figured out how to make it happen. I am still learning the software, any assistance would be appreciated. Aaron Kilgore Kilgore Remodeling Services Home Designer Pro 2021 stiver1.plan
  9. KilgoreRemod

    shower design

    I have read through the help manuals and tried several things, and cant seem to find the right button. This is something that I will end up doing quite often, and a little help would be much appreciated. I need the half glass pony wall in front of the shower to be tile on the edge, the bottom section of the same wall in the shower door opening to have a tile top, and I need to put in a solid bench seat at the right end of the shower. From what I have read on the bench seat, it has to do with foundation settings to basically pull the floor up, but everything I have tried has been unsuccessful. Final goal is a tile shower wall with a tile border wrapping the opening on the outside of the shower by about 4". on the same note, I would like to draw in inset shelving in the shower walls, have not even attempted that yet. Thank you in advance, Aaron Kilgore Kilgore Remodeling Services, LLC Home Designer Pro 2021 Windows 10 vossler.plan
  10. KilgoreRemod

    multiple porches

    I stand corrected, just found the button to get back to wall view.
  11. KilgoreRemod

    multiple porches

    this seems to work, sort of. I have followed your video exactly, messed it up, and started over several times. My software is not reacting the same as yours. One of my main issues is that when I click auto rebuild foundations, it deletes all my walls and gives me a foundation view with no walls visible. perspective view shows me that they do still exist, but I cannot get back to them. This method still builds the first porch correctly, but the second one will not fill in like it shows in your video. How do I get back to my plan view with walls, and off of the foundation view? I cannot find this issue in tutorial videos or reference manuals, 2 full days now on trying to build in one simple roof line. What am i doing wrong? I am aware that there is most likely one simple button that I cannot find to correct this issue. and for some reason now i cannot upload my plan to show what my problem is.
  12. KilgoreRemod

    multiple porches

    thank you sir
  13. KilgoreRemod

    multiple porches

    I am a new user, still learning the software. do i need to be drawing out a foundation first, then adding exterior walls, or using the ext wall shape to create the foundation? I have tried rebuilding many times, and cant seem to get it right. using home designer pro 2021. Is there a phone number i can call for a live assist?