How to change deck top rail profile?


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Hi there;

This had me bamboozled for a while too pondering the need to change the profile; But could not.

But yes it can happen I discovered thru experiment how to do it;

Instead of using the deck and handrail tool - which has a default oval handrail (unchangeable I found);

I built the perimeter of where I wanted the deck to be located using the 'wall type' - 'Deck railing/fence';

Don't use 'Railing/fence' wall type; there are two types in the wall types that come with HDPro;

Make sure you tick  'railing' in the General tab of the Wall Specification;

Once this area was defined using the wall type 'Deck railing/fence' perimeter - I then defined the area within the wall area as a 'Deck' - which then fills the area in as a deck;

You can now edit all railings on the 'Rail' tab in the Rail Specification as desired. But they are square, not oval.

Add balustrades and or infills as desired etc.

You may have to add the structure under by 'build deck' selection and operation if it hasn't already done so

Pic attached of basic square deck I built this way as demo and another on project with glass panel infills. (and rectangular handrailing)

Happy railing sailing.




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