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  1. Custom backsplash is such an innocuous name for such a powerful tool! Don't even get me started on the SLAB tool, just WOW!
  2. RoneyC

    No wall cap option

    i was able to get caps by using HALF-WALL under WALLS dropdown
  3. i only charge $74,95/hr ! just joking David, i have learned much from your youtube vids, Solvers too
  4. I can't seem to figure out how to change my deck top rail from oval to rectangular. All replies will be greatly appreciated. -RC
  5. How do I lower the railing to meet the top surface of my concrete slab deck? Slab top is 16" below floor level. Thanks in advance. -RC
  6. Eric, all's forgiven in exchange for one of those nice steaks I'll supply the Bourbon.
  7. The problem was that, in the wall type dialog my wall stud type was FIR 24"-OC. All i had to do was change the material to FIR 16"-OC
  8. 500Mistletoe-new-011120-130p.plan
  9. Hi, I am not sure why my walls are not being built at 16" on center even though as you can see in my photo that the wall default is set properly what am I missing? thanks in advance for your replies. PS:(is the image showing clearly?) - roney
  10. RoneyC

    Deck Railing Post

    As a 3D cad type guy (furniture design/build) I have found the best way for me to learn is by just diving in and learning by my mistakes, and I try to never pass those mistakes onto my clients. That being said, i heavily rely on a few other learning processes like Youtube how-to videos. Experts such as David Jefferson Potter, among others, offers for free, his oftentimes comical yet ALWAYS informative Youtube videos (search his name on YTube). And of course i cannot forget to mention the infamous SOLVER, who shares so much of his Chief knowledge on this forum. Also, it is soooo rare to see someone on ANY forum that follows through with their solution and with such awesome detail, so I'm sending out props to Matconinc as well. -rc P.S. what's with the hate??? >>>>>
  11. David, thank you for your helpful Youtube videos. I have subscribed and am working my way through. _ rc
  12. Thanks for your quick reply. What are the versions of to the different Intel i7 chips, ie 4400, 7700 ...?
  13. Can the forum members please give some input here on whether it makes sense to forgo the purchase of a desktop computer and instead, use a laptop connected to a 21-27” hi res monitor? Do any, all or none of you find it practical to take your laptop to a clients home or office. I am preparing to drop a quarter on either or in the next day or two. Thank you, - My apology if by chance I missed this exact topic in my search here Additionally, my current computer is an early Abacus 2X4